Visa is the most important document that a citizen of Swaziland need as he visits Vietnam. Like many other countries having a visa is compulsory for the citizens of Swaziland. However, you must make sure whether your country is in the visa exemption list before applying for visa. 

It should be noted that no country is visa free permanently to enter Vietnam. Citizens of some countries can entre Vietnam without visa and stay there only for a particular period of time. Countries in this list are-

• Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Japan, and Korea South which are visa free for 15 days

• Other countries are Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia which are visa free for 1 month

Like several other nations, citizens of Timor–Leste also require a visa for entering and staying in Vietnam legally. But currently there are no Vietnam embassies or consulate offices located in Timor–Leste from where the people aspiring to visit Vietnam can apply for a visa. 

Hence, they can apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways:

1. Either they can choose to travel to a neighboring country which has the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. We recommend that you inquire beforehand about the visa applications procedures with the foreign embassy before arriving at the office via telephone or email. 

2. Or they can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival through the internet via an agency that has close associations with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The VOA is handed over to the people on arrival at the Vietnam international airport. 

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Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

Tongan citizens must require the Visa for entrance in Vietnam. In Vietnam the professionals and businessman are allowed to come with possessing their Vietnam Visa, if they have not then it is prohibited to enter at boundaries of Vietnam. On the basis of Restriction Index of Visa 2014 there are 6 foreign embassies consulates in Tonga. There are 2 ways to apply a visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ apply visa through embassy or consulate but this option quite hard for you because no embassy of Vietnam in your country. Therefore option 2/ Apply visa online to get visa approval letter then pick up your visa Vietnam on arrival at international airports.

Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

No, Tonga isn’t a visa exempted country. Tongan citizens are required to get Vietnam Visa to travel Vietnam. Tongans can get the visa for Vietnam through their nearby country Mexico where Vietnam embassy is located. Tongans can also apply online to get Visa for Vietnam. 

In order to enter into the boundaries of Vietnam, Citizens of New Caledonia require a Vietnam visa. The two ways through which a citizen can apply are given below-

1. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in New Caledonia. Since Vietnam embassy is absent in New Caledonia so a New Caledonia citizen has to travel the nearby country New Zealand to visit the embassy of Vietnam.

2. Apply on line with us, using our Vietnam visa online services. Our experts will process your visa and contact Vietnam embassy to get the approval letter for “visa on arrival”.

A detailed information regarding ways to get visa Vietnam for New Caledonian citizens are as follows-

Vietnam has been developing its diplomatic and economic relations with about 170 countries. Because of the growth in the relations and the rich cultural heritage there has been an increasing flow of people towards this beautiful county. To keep this inflow smooth the country has its own visa policy. Despite of the good relations shared by Vietnam and Nauru, it is stated in the Vietnam Visa Policy that it is mandatory for Nauruan citizens to possess a visa to get an entry to the country of Vietnam. Nauruan citizens do enjoy some exemptions when it comes to applications for a visa. You should get acquainted with these before applying so that you can take advantages of these exemptions. If these exemptions do not apply to you, apply for a visa through one of the two available routes. You may contact an embassy or agencies like us for an embassy visa.

If you are a citizen or passport holder of Montenegro and wish to visit Vietnam, you will have to obtain Visa. There are two simple ways in which a foreign citizen can obtain Visa – he can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam does not have an embassy in Montenegro and for this reason the procedure of Visa application through the embassy is a little complicated for the citizens of Montenegro. 

Vietnam has made it a mandatory for all the Monaco people to have a proper visa before going on a trip to Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has, although, laid on numerous rules and guidelines explaining all the exemptions granted to Monaco people. If any Monaco citizen falls into any of these categories then they can get the benefit of a visa free stay. If you do not fit into these, then you will have to apply for a valid visa.

The Monaco residents can apply for a visa in two different ways. The first is via the official body of the embassy and the second is via the online agents like us who are professionals in getting visa on arrivals. 

Vietnam, as an economy, has reached the top quite impressively. Vietnam has surprised the world with its pace of development and the potential it still has in store. As a result, people from several nations have idolized this land as a blooming business hub. It has also come to the forefront in tourism due to its vibrant culture and heritage that invites hundreds of tourists each year. Thus, Vietnam has its own visa policy in place so that this influx of people is smooth and controlled. 

As per this visa policy, Micronesians need to have a proper visa in hand to enter into Vietnam for even the shortest stays. The visas can be obtained either through an embassy or through various online agents in the form of a VOA.

In order to enter the boundary of Vietnam a person especially Mahorais citizen need to get Vietnam visa. There are two ways through which citizens of Mayotte can apply visa. The two ways are as follows-

1. Citizens of Mayotte can apply online with us to get Vietnam visa. An online application form has to be filled. An approval letter will be granted and finally a citizen gets the visa.

2. Walk down to the embassy of Vietnam to apply for visa Vietnam. Since the embassy is not present in Mayotte, so a Mahorais citizen has to travel its nearby country Mozambique to apply visa.

A complete procedure how a citizen of Mayotte can get Vietnam visa is given below-

Citizens of Malta are required to obtain Visa if they wish to travel to Vietnam. Usually, there are two simple procedures by which a foreign citizen can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. However, Vietnam does not have an embassy in Malta. So citizens of Malta will either have to get in touch with an embassy of Vietnam in a neighboring country or apply for Visa on Arrival. 

• Apply through the embassy

If you decide to travel to a neighboring country to apply for Visa to Vietnam, then you will have to invest a lot of time and money. At the embassy, you will have to fill the Visa application form. Along with the duly filled form, you will have to submit one recent passport sized photograph, one self-addressed envelope and your original passport. Besides these documents, you will have to submit the Visa fees. These fees can be paid in favor of the Embassy of Vietnam by way of money order or cashier’s check.