Vietnam requires Pakistani citizens to apply for Visa before travelling Visa. Any Pakistani citizen wishing to travel to Vietnam for business, tourist or transit purposes can apply for Visa through any of these two methods:

• Apply through embassy or consulate

Vietnam has its diplomatic missions in about 70 countries around the world, including Pakistan. If you are a Pakistani citizen or Pakistani passport holder, you can easily apply for Visa to Vietnam through the Embassy of Vietnam located in Pakistan. The officials at the embassy can help you fill up the required forms and make the necessary payments in order to get your Visa to Vietnam. The diplomatic mission in Pakistan is located in: 

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Ways to Get Visa for Saudi Arabian citizen

If you are a Saudi Arabian citizen and wish to travel to Vietnam, you can easily do so by getting a Visa to Vietnam. There are two different ways in which you can apply for Visa. You can either approach the Embassy of Vietnam in Saudi Arabia for assistance in Visa application or fill up an online form. 

• Apply through the Embassy

This is one of the standard procedures. Vietnam has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries, including Saudi Arabia. Any Saudi Arabian citizen or passport holder who wishes to travel to Vietnam can approach the Embassy of Vietnam for Visa application process. The Embassy of Vietnam in Saudi Arabia is located at:

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Ways get visa Vietnam for Sudan citizen

Vietnam is a country which is worldwide known for its tremendous scenic beauty along with rich and age-long preserved culture. Hills, deltas, mountains as well as variants of flora-fauna make this place a perfect destination for vacations. Even if you are visiting Vietnam for some business purpose, you would not be able to resist yourself to admire and enjoy the amazingly landscaped beauty of the country. It not only of great importance from historical point of view but also it holds large significance from cultural perspective which is still maintained and preserved. 

Vietnam, being a country of impeccable beauty, has been able to attract the interest of numerous visitors from Tanzania for both business and family vacation purpose. Both the countries have always enjoyed a broad and healthy cooperative and diplomatic relationship with each other over the years. These relations were particularly established in the year 1965 by establishing the Vietnam Embassy in Tanzania. However, due to some interruptions in the year 1984, this relation again continued in 2003. 

Methods to obtain Vietnam Visa

Vietnam has emerged as a desirable location for hundreds of aspirers all over the world. The place is appealing as a tourist destination as well as a business and investment hub. Hence, there is a heavy flow of people coming in and going out of Vietnam, for which it has a Visa Policy in place. Turkey and Vietnam have had diplomatic relation since the year 1978. The citizens from Turkey need to hold a visa to make a trip to Vietnam, although the process is very simplified due the Turkey based Vietnam embassy.

The visa policy does give several exemptions to the foreign nationals unilaterally. The embassy is the best to approach for a list of all the exemptions. Make sure that before you initiate the process of obtaining a visa, you know about the exemption criteria. 

Vietnam Business Visa

The business visa is issued for commercial purposes when you represent a company, office, Business partners, or when exploring market for an investment purpose. Here you get visa for doing trade.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

In addition to the commercial or business visa, you will get a visa for tourism purposes. The tourist visa includes individual tourists, in groups, and also for those persons who usually come to Vietnam to visit their family and relatives.

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Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Yemen Citizens

If you are a Yemen citizen or Yemen passport holder, you are required to obtain Visa in order to travel freely into Vietnam. Vietnam offers easy Visa application procedures in order to promote travel and tourism in the country. If you wish to travel to Yemen, there are two ways in which you can obtain the Visa. You can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam or put in an online application form for Visa on Arrival. 

Vietnam offers Visa to Nigerian citizens who hold a valid passport. If you are a Nigerian citizen or hold a Nigerian passport and wish to travel to Vietnam, you can easily apply for Visa by either of these two methods:

• Apply for Visa through Embassy

Vietnam has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries, including Nigeria. If you wish to apply for Visa through the embassy, you can reach out to the officials at the embassy by personally visiting them. The Embassy of Vietnam is Nigeria is in:

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Ways to Get Visa for Mozambique Citizens

Vietnam offers easy Visa facility to all those Mozambique citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam has its embassy in about 70 countries, including Mozambique. If any Mozambique citizen or passport holder, wishes to apply for Visa, they can do so by two methods. They can either approach the Embassy of Vietnam in Mozambique or apply for Visa on Arrival through online application. 

• Apply through the embassy

Any Mozambique citizen or passport holder who wishes to apply for a Visa, can approach the Embassy of Vietnam in Mozambique for the Visa application process. You may have to personally visit the facility in order to fill up required forms and submit the documents. The Embassy of Vietnam in Mozambique is located at:

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Ways to get Visa Vietnam for Morocco Citizen

Vietnam is a place, which is full of natural as well as created beauty. If you talk about tourism, every year thousands of tourists visit Vietnam to enjoy the real beauty. Vietnam is known it’s welcoming and heartwarming culture. There are many people, who consider Vietnam as an ideal place for honeymoon; this is so because the weather of Vietnam is very romantic and exotic at the same time. In addition, the place is also very good for spending holidays with friends and family members.