Ways to get visa Vietnam for Nauru citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Nauru & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Nauru : Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines & Taiwan

- Best way for Nauru citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival Vietnam

Vietnam has been developing its diplomatic and economic relations with about 170 countries. Because of the growth in the relations and the rich cultural heritage there has been an increasing flow of people towards this beautiful county. To keep this inflow smooth the country has its own visa policy. Despite of the good relations shared by Vietnam and Nauru, it is stated in the Vietnam Visa Policy that it is mandatory for Nauruan citizens to possess a visa to get an entry to the country of Vietnam. Nauruan citizens do enjoy some exemptions when it comes to applications for a visa. You should get acquainted with these before applying so that you can take advantages of these exemptions. If these exemptions do not apply to you, apply for a visa through one of the two available routes. You may contact an embassy or agencies like us for an embassy visa.

Getting visa through an embassy:

Unfortunately for the citizens, Nauru is not one of the 70 countries with a Vietnam Visa making the process of obtaining an embassy visa tedious. The basic steps are mentioned below:

1) Select an embassy in the neighboring countries where you can send your application for a visa. Each country has a slightly different process, so understand their procedure before applying. You may contact embassies in countries like Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

2) The basic steps are more or less same for all countries. Visit their website and download their application form. Fill the form accurately, affix a colored photo and send it along with your original passport and the processing fee. 

3) Select a reliable international postal service which allows for tracking of packages as you will have to trust them with your original documents.

4) The time taken for completion of the process is 5-7 days but additional time may be taken because of the postal service.

5) The visa will be sent to you by post provided that you include a prepaid envelope along with your application.

6) An embassy visa is valid for all modes of transport.

Getting a VOA:

The process of getting an embassy visa is lengthy and tedious. Fortunately for countries like Nauru there is an easier alternative which is applying for a Visa on Delivery (VOA) with the help of agencies like ours.

1) We are professionals ready to help you with the process of obtaining a visa. Before applying there is one thing to be understood and that is the fact that a VOA is applicable only for airways.

2) All you have to do is fill the application form online and pay the processing fee. 

3) The form is sent to the immigration department where they check the credentials and if they are cleared, an approval letter is sent to the applicants to the registered email id.

4) The letter and a passport is all you need to board a flight to the major airport in Vietnam.

5) On reaching the airport the approval letter will be cross verified by an immigration officer and then they will stamp the visa.

6) To make the process of getting a visa economical and faster, apply for a VOA with our help.

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