Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Tonga & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Tonga is also : Not available

- Best way for Tonga citizens to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at airport of Vietnam

Tongan citizens must require the Visa for entrance in Vietnam. In Vietnam the professionals and businessman are allowed to come with possessing their Vietnam Visa, if they have not then it is prohibited to enter at boundaries of Vietnam. On the basis of Restriction Index of Visa 2014 there are 6 foreign embassies consulates in Tonga. There are 2 ways to apply a visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ apply visa through embassy or consulate but this option quite hard for you because no embassy of Vietnam in your country. Therefore option 2/ Apply visa online to get visa approval letter then pick up your visa Vietnam on arrival at international airports.

Ways for Tonga citizens get visa Vietnam

No, Tonga isn’t a visa exempted country. Tongan citizens are required to get Vietnam Visa to travel Vietnam. Tongans can get the visa for Vietnam through their nearby country Mexico where Vietnam embassy is located. Tongans can also apply online to get Visa for Vietnam. 

Vietnam Visa Exemption Countries List:

Before applying for Vietnam visa Tongans requires to check the Exemption list to know which countries not needs Vietnam visa to travel Vietnam for certain duration. People can travel to Vietnam without Visa for a certain time duration that has the passport of these countries given below: 

• Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore or Malaysia passport holding by the person can travel to Vietnam for 30 days without visa.

• Citizen of Philippines having passport can travel for 21 days to Vietnam except Visa. 

• A Sweden, Brunei, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Russia &Myanmar person can travel without visa to Vietnam if having the passport of above countries. 

• Passport holder of Brunei or Myanmar can travel without visa to Vietnam for 14 days.

Thus it is clear from the above list that some of the countries can travel to Vietnam without Visa but necessarily having the passport of that country for certain period of time. 

Visa Issuing Authority:

Because there is no Vietnam Embassy in the Tonga, so for applying visa for Vietnam Tongans require to visit the Vietnam migration department for issuance of Visa to Vietnam which is located in nearby country Mexico. Migration department issued the visa for three months to travel Vietnam. Tongans can also apply online for the visa to Vietnam.

eVisa Fees details:   

Stamping fees: ( Changes Possible)

•45 USD- for one month single entry.

•65 USD- for less one month multiple entries.

•95 USD- one month multiple entries

•45 USD- three months single entry

•95 USD- three months multiple entries.

Service fees (  Changes Possible)

•199 USD – for one month single entry

Vietnam Visa’s  Extension:

For Tongans they have not the exemption certificate to travel Vietnam. But Tongans can get the certification from the Vietnam migration department or by applying online for the Visa to Vietnam. Citizens of Tonga by visiting online make requests for the Visa for one month for a single person or more than that also for multiple persons for one month or more than that. All details about stamping charges and service charges available by selecting respective countries.

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