Ways of obtaining a Vietnam visa for citizens of Timor–Leste

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in East Timor & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to East Timor : Indonesia, Brunei & Australia

- Best way for citizens of Timor–Leste to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Like several other nations, citizens of Timor–Leste also require a visa for entering and staying in Vietnam legally. But currently there are no Vietnam embassies or consulate offices located in Timor–Leste from where the people aspiring to visit Vietnam can apply for a visa. 

Hence, they can apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways:

1. Either they can choose to travel to a neighboring country which has the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. We recommend that you inquire beforehand about the visa applications procedures with the foreign embassy before arriving at the office via telephone or email. 

2. Or they can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival through the internet via an agency that has close associations with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The VOA is handed over to the people on arrival at the Vietnam international airport. 

As can be very well understood, the prospect of applying for a Vietnam visa through a neighboring country sounds quite troublesome and inconvenient. Needless to mention there is the issue with wastage of time and the extra traveling and staying costs at the foreign country while waiting for the visa application procedure to be complete. 

But now with the advancement of modern technology one can apply for a Vietnam visa within 5 minutes from the comfort of their living room at anytime of the day through a computer or a smart phone device which has internet connectivity. It does not matter whether you apply at midnight or during a holiday, your application with go through unlike in case of the embassies where the application procedure only takes place during business hours on working days only. 

How to get a Vietnam visa for citizens of Timor–Leste or east Timor?

As there are no Vietnam embassies in Timor–Leste currently the best way to apply for a Vietnam visa is through the internet for a visa on arrival. Here are the steps which one needs to follow for applying for a Vietnam visa online:

1. Visit the online website and fill out the online application for applying for a Vietnam visa

2. Make the service fee payments by following the instructions on the site

3. Receive the visa approval letter via email within the mentioned time 

4. Simply take a print out of the visa approval letter and stick it to the passport to board a flight to Vietnam. You will need to show this to the Vietnam Immigration officer at the time of your arrival at the Vietnam airport along with two recent colored passport sized photos and your passport in order to get your Vietnam visa. 

5. Get your visa approval letter stamped at the airport in Vietnam by an Emigration Officer, pay the visa stamping fee and you are free enjoy a pleasant stay at Vietnam

Types of Vietnam visas:

1. The Vietnam visa given for business purposes can be valid for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. These are given to individuals who visit Vietnam for conducting business.

2. The Vietnam visa given to individuals for tourist purposes only remains valid for a time period of 30 days, i.e. 1 month and is given to those on a vacation to Vietnam for sightseeing and leisurely purposes. 

3. The Vietnam transit visa is given to people who are in-transit through Vietnam and remains valid for less than 5 days and is given on condition that the person should depart to a third country from Vietnam. 

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