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Usually, there are two methods by which a foreign citizen can apply for Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries across the world. Any foreign national can approach these embassies for Visa application. If you are a foreign citizen who wishes to visit Vietnam and wants to obtain Visa to Vietnam, read on to know more about the different application processes. 

At the embassy, you will have to fill up the Visa application form. Along with the filled up form, you will have to submit one self-addressed envelope, one recent passport sized photograph and your original passport. Besides submitting these documents, you will have to pay the Visa fees. The fees can be paid in favor of the Embassy of Vietnam by way of money order or cashier’s check. 

The Vietnam Visa Policy has made it a mandate for the Liechtenstein citizens to have a valid visa to go on a journey to Vietnam. This nation has great bonds with more than 170 nations in the world and hence it generously grants visa exemptions to these countries including Liechtenstein. It is recommended that an applicant should get in touch with the embassy to understand all the rules clearly before initiating the visa application process.

Liechtenstein citizens can obtain a valid visa from two sources. The first source is the obviously the Vietnam embassy and the second takes you to online agencies like ours that help in getting visa on arrivals. Depending upon your requirement, mode of journey, time, and budget, you can choose either of the two. A pre requisite for the visa is to have a valid passport. The passport is called valid if it holds good for at least 6 months after the end date of the visa and has a blank page left for stamping the visa. If there is no blank page then you may apply for a loose visa. 

To visit Vietnam for a Grenadian native, having Vietnam visa is must. You must have one of the visa among from tourist, business and Vietnam transit visa. As Grenada is not lies under Vietnam visa exemption list, a Grenadian native are required to apply for visa by requesting visa application to any of the Vietnam embassy or by requesting visa application from online mode. These are the two basic modes for a Grenada living persons to get a Vietnam visa.

1. Application procedure From Vietnam Embassy:

 For getting a Vietnam visa through the embassy, a Grenadian national are firstly required to search that there are any Vietnam embassy in their country. As there is no Vietnam consulate in Grenada boundary, you will need to look for the nearby embassy in encompassing nations. Venezuela is the nearest country from Grenada where Vietnam embassy is available. Venezuela is about 848.2 km far from the Grenada. It is also important to search out that, is the embassy in nearby countries offers relevant terms or not since some terms and conditions are varying across embassies.  After getting information for direct application procedure, you require to visit the embassy in person perform the application procedure with all the necessary documents. 

Vietnam has been booming with growth in diplomatic, democratic and economic relations with nations all around the globe. The growing relations and the rich cultural heritage attract a large number of business and tourists toward Vietnam. To keep the influx of people smooth, all the regulations have been laid down and explained in the Vietnam Visa Policy. Vietnam has entered into reciprocal agreements for visa exemption with 17 countries but Gibraltar citizens do not enjoy that privilege. This makes it compulsory for all Gibraltar citizens to possess a visa to go to Vietnam and vice-versa. 

There are two routes of getting a visa. You may contact a Vietnam embassy or contact agencies like us for a VOA.

A Bhutanese wish to visit Vietnam he or she has to prepare a valid visa to enter Vietnam.  As visa exemption facility is not applicable for the citizen of Bhutan.  So every Bhutanese should apply for visa to visit Vietnam .A Bhutanese who hold valid passport can apply for Vietnam visa.  

Basically there are two ways to obtain a valid Vietnam visa-

• Visa from Vietnam embassy:  Vietnam embassy is the best place to get your valid visa.  But unfortunately in Bhutan there is no Vietnam embassy. So willing applicant will have to go to nearest Vietnam embassy in neighboring county and apply visa application form with necessary information. Original passport is also needed with other documents. Application form should be submitted along with photographs and visa fees. It takes 3-5 working days. Here applicant can use postal service to collect the visa. 

Procedure for getting a Vietnam visa on arrival at the present is more and more simple for air travelers in need of visiting Vietnam for their tourist or business purpose.

It is even easier and faster for you to obtain your visa online with us. Please look at the four steps below:

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Options for applying Vietnamese visa online

Are you planning to move to Vietnam and wondering about getting visa? If yes, then you must know that it is not very difficult to get Vietnam visa now. If you want to avoid the lengthy procedure of getting the Visa then you should try getting visa-on arrival. This is legal process to get visa and is approved by the Immigration department of Vietnam. So you can pick up the visa at Vietnam international airport as well. 

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It’s not good at all when you travel with a passport that will expire during your trip or shortly after your planned return. If it is invalid, please renew your passport before applying your Vietnam visa through us. Please remember to inform us via email to to get new approval letter for your visa if you have new passport or you want to change passport details.