Ways to get visa Vietnam for the citizen of Bhutan

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, NO embassy of Vietnam in Bhutan & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Bhutan if you want to go : Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Laos, China & Thailand

- Best way for the citizen of Bhutan to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply to get visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam

A Bhutanese wish to visit Vietnam he or she has to prepare a valid visa to enter Vietnam.  As visa exemption facility is not applicable for the citizen of Bhutan.  So every Bhutanese should apply for visa to visit Vietnam .A Bhutanese who hold valid passport can apply for Vietnam visa.  

Basically there are two ways to obtain a valid Vietnam visa-

• Visa from Vietnam embassy:  Vietnam embassy is the best place to get your valid visa.  But unfortunately in Bhutan there is no Vietnam embassy. So willing applicant will have to go to nearest Vietnam embassy in neighboring county and apply visa application form with necessary information. Original passport is also needed with other documents. Application form should be submitted along with photographs and visa fees. It takes 3-5 working days. Here applicant can use postal service to collect the visa. 

• Visa from online: Online visa application is procedure that mainly helps the people those are staying away from Vietnam embassy. And it is basically hassle free method. As Bhutan does not have a Vietnam embassy, so online application can be best option for the citizen of Bhutan to apply Vietnam visa. It is also called visa on arrival. Applicant can apply visa on arrival via tourism company. 1-2 business days are needed for processing.

How to collect Vietnam visa on arrival?

There are several website and tourist agents those are ready to assist you and help you to submit your online visa application form. So it is requested before apply the online application one should make a thorough research on it. After that applicants select agent or website as per their choice. While applying visa on arrival they would not submit any documents or original copies. Applicants simply fill up their form with full name, date of birth, nationality, gender and passport number. After finishing it, payment will be cleared via convenient payment alternatives. Then a pre approval letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department and letter will be mailed to the applicants. After that applicants print PDF file. At least 2 passport size photographs have to be arranged. Color photographs are preferable but not mandatory. Visa on arrival is a procedure that takes normally 1-2 working days but if it is urgent it normally takes 1 day to complete the procedure. After arrival at Vietnam airport Bhutanese visitors submit their pre approval letter to the Vietnam immigration department. Always keep ready passport size photographs with you. Because, Vietnam airport authority often asks for your photographs. Final step is to pay stamp fee which has to be cleared by cash and after that visa for Vietnam will be granted and confer it to you. 

Things to remember:

It is very important that there are certain things that have to be kept visitor’s mind and should follow it. Visa on arrival is only applicable to the people having a valid Bhutan passport and travelling by air. If Bhutanese are planning to visit Vietnam by some other way, then she or he will apply visa from the embassy of Vietnam, is located in Bhutan .As there is no Vietnam embassy in Bhutan, so willing travelers should apply to the nearest Vietnam embassy which is located in their neighboring country. First collect visa and then chalk out your Vietnam trip by road or sea .In this case makes sure that passport is valid for at least 6 months. 

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