Ways to get visa Vietnam for Gibraltar citizens

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Gibraltar & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Gibraltar if you want to go : Spain, Morocco, Algeria & France

- Best way for Gibraltar citizens to get visa Vietnam without going to embassy : apply for getting visa on arrival Vietnam

Vietnam has been booming with growth in diplomatic, democratic and economic relations with nations all around the globe. The growing relations and the rich cultural heritage attract a large number of business and tourists toward Vietnam. To keep the influx of people smooth, all the regulations have been laid down and explained in the Vietnam Visa Policy. Vietnam has entered into reciprocal agreements for visa exemption with 17 countries but Gibraltar citizens do not enjoy that privilege. This makes it compulsory for all Gibraltar citizens to possess a visa to go to Vietnam and vice-versa. 

There are two routes of getting a visa. You may contact a Vietnam embassy or contact agencies like us for a VOA.

Applying for an embassy visa:

Over the years, people have been approaching embassies to get a visa. The absence of a Vietnam embassy makes it difficult for Gibraltar citizens to get an embassy visa. You may contact the embassies in neighboring countries to get a visa. There are Vietnam embassies in countries including Algeria, Libya, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, etc. There may be slight variations in the processes of different countries. It will be helpful to go through the different process before selecting the one that is the most suitable for you.

1) Once you have decided on an embassy, you may start with your application process. The basic structure is more or less same. Download the application form from the website and fill it carefully, affix a colored photo and send the application along with the original passport. Some embassies allow submission of the application form online.

2) It won’t be possible for you to send the application in person and hence it is advisable to select an embassy that accepts application by post. Be sure that the postal service that you have selected is reliable and permits tracking of deliverables.

3) An application fee has to be enclosed in the envelope with the application. Enquire about the amount and currency that is expected.As you want the visa to be delivered to your home, enclose a prepaid envelope with the application form.

4) The entire process takes around 7 days but it may take more time to reach your home depending on the postal service.

Applying for a VOA:

It is clear that applying for an embassy visa is a grueling process especially for citizens of countries like Gibraltar which do not have embassies. The alternative of applying for VOA is much easier and economical. The steps are outlined below:

1) Fill the application form online and pay the processing fee. The rest of the steps will be completed by us. The application is sent to the immigration department. Once the verification is complete, an approval letter will be generated for you. We will email the letter to you.

2) The letter and a valid passport are the only documents required for boarding a flight to major airports in Vietnam

3) At the airport, the approval letter will be checked and the visa will be stamped.

4) This is the best method for getting a visa provided that you travel plans to the country are restricted to airways.

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