Ways to get visa Vietnam for Grenadian citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Grenada & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Grenada if you want to go : Venezuela & Panama

- Best way for Grenadian citizen to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

To visit Vietnam for a Grenadian native, having Vietnam visa is must. You must have one of the visa among from tourist, business and Vietnam transit visa. As Grenada is not lies under Vietnam visa exemption list, a Grenadian native are required to apply for visa by requesting visa application to any of the Vietnam embassy or by requesting visa application from online mode. These are the two basic modes for a Grenada living persons to get a Vietnam visa.

1. Application procedure From Vietnam Embassy:

 For getting a Vietnam visa through the embassy, a Grenadian national are firstly required to search that there are any Vietnam embassy in their country. As there is no Vietnam consulate in Grenada boundary, you will need to look for the nearby embassy in encompassing nations. Venezuela is the nearest country from Grenada where Vietnam embassy is available. Venezuela is about 848.2 km far from the Grenada. It is also important to search out that, is the embassy in nearby countries offers relevant terms or not since some terms and conditions are varying across embassies.  After getting information for direct application procedure, you require to visit the embassy in person perform the application procedure with all the necessary documents. 

2. Online procedure for visa application: 

The online mode of visa application procedure provides much easy way then the direct application from a Vietnam embassy. It provide in arrival service which requires having a valid passport. There are some authorized agencies which provide such services. You are requested to fallow the fallowing steps-

• Firstly you are required to visit the agencies website online and search the visa application form available there. Get the printout of that form and after fill out the form, scanned it and submit to website.

• Secondly you are required to pay the visa service charges as directed on website.

• Then you will get an approval letter by email after verifying your given details from Vietnam immigration department.

• You can collect your visa from the embassy or at any international airport of Vietnam by providing them that approval letter along with passport. 

Facility you can avail

When you apply your vise application direct from the Vietnam embassy, there is another option for you that you can choose visa by post service without presenting yourself directly at Vietnam consulate. This option saves your time, energy and money. You have a requirement to search that the embassy from where you want to contact, are providing this visa by post service or not. The government of Vietnam set an ordinance that regulates the service for foreigners entry in Vietnam that is "ORDINANCE ON ENTRY, EXIT AND RESIDENCE OF FOREIGNERS IN VIETNAM". The Government of Vietnam shall set the favourable and relaxed conditions for entry, exit and travel of foreigners in Vietnam. It will protect lives, possessions, on tour personals, business related visit and some other valid interests of foreigners entering or residing in Vietnam. 

Required documents for applying a Vietnam visa

Visa applicants are requested to present the fallowing documents:

 Latest photo which is not to be taken before six month

 Valid passports, which must possessed over six months ago.

 Your presented documents for approval letter must reflect in your passport.

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