Ways to get visa Vietnam for citizens from Ranchi city, Jharkhand state, India

Vietnam Visa Policy has made it a mandate for the citizens of Ranchi (India) to have a valid Visa for every possible trip to Vietnam However, in order to strengthen the democratic relations; Vietnam has given a few exemptions to the Indian citizens. It is recommended that you visit the embassy or its website for detailed information on these rules.

The Vietnam embassy in India is located in the capital city of New Delhi. If you are located in the city of Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand, then there are two methods at your disposal to get a Vietnamese visa. The first method is to approach the embassy directly and the second would be to approach online agents like us to get a VOA (Visa on arrival).

Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Solapur Citizens, Maharashtra state, India

Vietnam provides two options to Solapur population for applying Visa to Vietnam. One of the two options is to contact the Vietnam Embassy in India. The other one is to go for Visa on Arrival. The entire process of applying for Visa at the Embassy will take the applicant through a series of steps including filling up the required forms, making payments for mandatory fees and finally the submission of required documents. The details of both the options are provided below:  

• Apply through the Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, India

Ways to get visa Vietnam for citizens from Srinagar city, Jammu and Kashmir state, India

Vietnam Visa Policy has made it essential for the citizens of Srinagar (India) to obtain a valid visa for any kind of trip to Vietnam. In order to promote the diplomatic bonds, Vietnam has freed the Indian citizens from obtaining a visa under several scenarios. It is advised that you contact the embassy for understanding these criteria.

The Vietnam embassy in India is located in the capital city of New Delhi. If you are a resident of Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, then there are two major ways to get your Vietnamese visa. The first method is to approach the official embassy and the second is to get in touch with online agents like us to get a VOA (Visa on arrival).

Ways get visa Vietnam for an Indian living in Surat city, Gujarat state, India

Every citizen of India should apply and obtain a Visa before travelling to Vietnam. This is because India is not in the list of the countries which are exempted from Vietnam Visa. One must possess a valid visa to enter Vietnam from India. 

In India, a citizen of Surat can get a visa for Vietnam by any of the following ways-

• Visa from Vietnam Embassy- There is no embassy in Surat, though a citizen can easily go to Mumbai or Delhi as there are Vietnam embassies there. Surat, being almost as the center point between these two cities, one can go to any one of them. Though this is not a hassle free process 

Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Vadodara Citizens, Gujarat state, India

The citizens of Vadodara can apply for Visa to Vietnam by two easy methods. They can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in India or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries across the world, including India. 

• Apply through the embassy of Vietnam in India

The Embassy of Vietnam in India is located at:

17, Kautilya Marg, 


Ways to get Visa Vietnam for Citizens from Varanasi city, Uttar Pradesh state, India

It is very important for all Uttar Pradesh citizens who have a passport, necessitate visa to trip to Vietnam. The reason to visit of travelling to Vietnam may differ from business to visiting the attractions. There are some different new ways of getting visas for Varanasi citizens travelling to Vietnam, but it is upon your preference as to which process you opt for. The three best options are legitimate and make your job daunting. However, if you are making plans to visit Vietnam, have a look at the three processes:

Through the Vietnam embassy in India – Now the embassy of Vietnam is placed in New Delhi for which the common procedure includes taking your visa that has validity until six months along with 2 passport size photos and the stamping charge, which is required for the Vietnam embassy. The processing period is of working days of about 4-5 days. Uttar Pradesh citizens are also can apply online visa request.

Ways to get visa Vietnam for citizens from Vasai Virar city, Maharashtra state, India

Getting Vietnam visa is a very easy and simple process of late, but the condition has to be remembered that for what purpose you are going to Vietnam. If it is a short tour for business, point or you are applying for a tourist visa or for a student visa. Maharashtra can obtain a visa for Vietnam merely if you possess a passport. The procedure of getting visa follows a common procedure in most cases, unless you do not obtain visa through those actions, it becomes difficult.

The procedure of getting a visa is of three basic types that comprise through the embassy, through visa agents and through online process. The time of all types varies and as far as online process is concerned, you have to obtain access of the online application request for a visa to Vietnam.

Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Vijaywada Citizens, Andhra Pradesh state, India

Vijaywada residents can get a visa to the nation of Vietnam by two techniques. They can either get the visa issued to them by the consulate of Vietnam situated in India, or they can get their visa at the time of arriving at the airplane terminal. The nation of Vietnam has its government offices spread over 70 nations over the globe including India. In the event that you are additionally one of the individuals searching for a visa to Vietnam then here is the way you can do it. 

• Apply in the office of Vietnam present in India 

Guamanian citizen need visa to enter the boundary of Vietnam. The citizens have to apply for visa in order to visit Vietnam as the county Guam is not included in the exemption list to get the right of visa free. There are two ways through which the citizens of Guam can apply visa. These two ways are as follows-

1. Apply online with us so that you can receive the approval letter from us granted by the immigration department of Vietnam. All you need to do is fill in the application form online.

2. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in Guam. But the embassy is yet not being established in Guam, so the citizens had to travel its nearby country where the Vietnam embassy is present.

Given below is the complete procedure through which you can apply in order to get the Vietnam visa-

Vietnam has recently surfaced up as one of the most promising nations in the world when we talk about tourism, trade, and investments. A lot of people arrive at Vietnam each year to benefit from this opportunity. Hence, to control the movement of the people coming into the nation, Vietnam has laid down its own visa Policy. As per this, residents of Greenland need to get a valid visa if they wish to enter into Vietnam. However, to nurture the democratic bonds between the countries, the Vietnamese Government has given several visa exemptions to the Greenland citizens. It is recommended that you get a complete understanding of all the rules before applying for the visa.

Any citizen from Greenland has two ways of applying for a Visa for Vietnam. The first route is through an official embassy and the second is through various agents like us who are experts in getting VOAs for the travelers.

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