Getting a visa is the most crucial part of travelling to a new country. If one person is travelling to a foreign country then he or she needs to have some legal documents which ensure his or her actual identity as well as nationality and other legitimate descriptions. Visa and passports are the two documents one needs to have before thinking about travelling to a different country. Well, the question arises…why is visa such an important piece of a document? Why can’t identity cards and other proofs be enough to let us through the border?

The answer to that question can be found in this next paragraph. Let’s see why it is such a big deal to have a visa. And also let’s see how we can get visa for Vietnam if one is a resident of Fiji.

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Ways to get Visa for Vietnam from Cyprus

Currently Cyprus does not have any Vietnam embassy or consulate offices for tits citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. Hence, a Cypriot passport holder can only apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways. They are:

1. Travel to the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate office in a neighboring country and apply for a Vietnam visa in person. It is recommended that you check with the consulate office of the foreign country in advance before you choose to travel to the country to make sure they grant Vietnam visas for citizens of nearby countries.

2. Log onto a website of a recognized travel agency that has close associations with the Immigration department of Vietnam for applying for a visa for visiting Vietnam on arrival online. This type of visa is granted to the traveler on their arrival to Vietnam at the Vietnam international airport. 

Vietnam shares strong diplomatic relations with more than 170 nations across the world and grants a visa exemption to only 17 of them. Although, Bermuda has diplomatic bonds with Vietnam, the two countries have still not handed over any visa exemptions to each other’s people. Hence, Bermuda citizens need to get a visa for entering into Vietnam and vice versa.

The Vietnam Visa Policy is quite friendly in that it has granted several visa exemptions under particular scenarios. It is recommended that you find out all the details on these exemptions before starting the visa process. Bermuda citizens have two ways of getting a Vietnam visa – through the Vietnam embassy and through online agents like us for a VOA. 

As there is no Vietnam embassy or consulate in Bahrain, the direct Vietnam visa application procedure remains inaccessible to the citizens of this country. Although one can still apply directly through a Vietnam embassy at the nearest neighboring country, but considering the time that it will take and needless to mention the cost of extra traveling this procedure is also rendered inconvenient. 

One will need to take a leave from their work and travel to these foreign Vietnam embassies to inquire and apply for a visa. Also there is the extra cost of staying at that foreign nation while the visa application procedure is completed. Another noteworthy point is the time consumed while waiting in long queues during the visa application procedure at the embassies in any country. Our suggestion to you is that you can avoid all these unnecessary hassles by simply opting for a ‘visa on arrival’ for visiting Vietnam. These VOAs take only a few hours to be prepared and one can easily apply for them online. 

Aruban citizens have two ways to get Vietnam Visa which is following below:

1. Aruban citizen requires to visit directly to the Vietnam immigration department for the approval letter and to get the Vietnam Visa. Citizens require visiting Cuba country’s Vietnam Embassy for applying Vietnam Visa because there is no immigration department of Vietnam in Aruba.

2. Another easiest way for people to get Vietnam visa is applying online with us and get an approval letter to travel Vietnam on your mail.  

Resident of Aruba country requires to have two important documents to travel Vietnam first one is passport of Aruba and the second one is Vietnam visa. People can get Vietnam visa through various ways:

Vietnam, in the last few decades, has emerged as one of the strongest economies in the world. The country sees an impressive influx of people due to its rich culture that invites a great deal of tourism. In addition, the ever-growing economy has also called numerous entrepreneurs here. The country, therefore, has written its own, well-defined visa policy. 

As per this visa policy, it is compulsory for an Andorra citizen to have a proper Vietnamese visa to enter. Although, Vietnam has asked the Andorra citizens to obtain a visa, it has given the Andorra citizens a few benefits that allow them to enjoy a visa free stay. Certain exemptions have been given under different cases. Get a detailed understanding of these scenarios before you go ahead and apply for a visa.

The Vietnam Visa Policy has made it essential for the Paraguay citizens to have a valid visa in hand to embark on a journey to Vietnam. This nation has strong democratic bonds with more than 170 nations in the world and hence it readily grants some exemption benefits to the countries including Paraguay. It is suggested that an applicant should get in touch with the embassy to understand the exemption rules clearly before initiating the visa application process.

Paraguay citizens can obtain a valid visa from two sources. The first source is the official Vietnam embassy and the second are the online agencies like ours that help in arranging for visa on arrivals. Depending upon your needs, mode of journey, time, and money in hand, you can choose either of the two. A pre requisite for this process is to have a valid passport. The passport is considered valid if it holds its validity for at least 6 months after the expiry of the visa and it has a blank page left for the stamping of the visa. If no blank page is available then you may apply for a loose visa. 

In the recent years, there has been a boom to the economic, diplomatic and democratic relations of Vietnam and Qatar. This results in increased movement of citizen from one country to the other. In spite of sharing such a good relation, no agreements for reciprocal exemptions have been made. Hence, it is essential for all Qatari citizens to apply for a visa for a visit to Vietnam. There are some exemptions laid out in the Vietnam Visa Policy, the applicants are requested to get acquainted with these exemptions before applying. 

A visa can be obtained by one of the two methods, one is through the Vietnam Embassy and the other by VOA, where a number of agencies like our own can make the process much smoother with the expertise gained by helping a number of applicants. In both the cases a valid passport with a validity of at-least 6 months prior to the date of exit from Vietnam is essential.

Citizens of Singapore are required to obtain a Visa in order to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries across the world, including Vietnam. If you are a citizen of Singapore and wish to apply for Visa to Vietnam, you can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam or apply for Visa on Arrival. 

• Apply through the embassy

You can approach the embassy of Vietnam in Singapore to apply for the Visa. The Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore is located at:

10 Leedon Park 

Singapore 267887

If you are a citizen of Turkmenistan and wish to travel to Vietnam, you must obtain Visa. Usually, there are two ways in which a foreign citizen can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. Vietnam does not have an embassy in Turkmenistan, which makes the visa application process a little complicated. In this scenario, you will have to contact the embassy of Vietnam in a neighbouring country over the telephone or email and enquire if the process can be facilitated through postal mail or travel to the embassy location in a neighbouring country. 

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