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A Bosnian citizen must apply for a Vietnam visa if he plans to visit and stay at Vietnam. A visa is a mandatory as Vietnam is not in the visa exemption list. However, before applying you must go through some important steps. firstly, you need to check if Bosnia is a visa free country. If, not then you are bound to get a valid visa before entering Vietnam for business purpose or for travel purpose. 

The citizens of Bosnia or Herzegovina have two possible ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

For all the foreign travelers entering Vietnam, it is mandatory to possess a valid visa. There was a time when applying for visa was a matter of great courage and patience that people need to stand in the long queues, visit the embassy 3 to 4 times and perform other tedious tasks as well. However, the growth and modernity in the technology has resulted into advancement of these conventional processes for getting a visa. The advanced technology has made it easier and convenient for people to apply for visa as per their requirement and comfort. Even you can apply for Vietnam visa sitting at home provided that you have a PC and internet connection. Apart from that, there are two options through which one can go regarding this matter:

The headway in innovation has come to next level where everything can be done online like shopping, service bills, scanning for another spot to book air tickets and rail tickets, and parts more. Actually, the procedure of visa application is no more awkward and monotonous assignment as one can request the same through online medium. You require not visiting any consulate or embassy. Various online administration suppliers are putting forth constant and moderate administrations for Vietnam visa. They have disposed of the wastage of vitality, hard-earned cash and valuable time with their dependable and totally secured online visa help. Essentially, there are two strategies for Lesotho nationals to request Vietnam visa, examined as beneath: 

The natives, especially having a place with Jamaican nationality basically need to possess a valid Visa to enter within the grounds of Vietnam. Vietnam proves to be an extreme location for spending vacation. It offers an amazing ambience and surrounding which dazzles the consideration of Jamaican residents throughout the years. The key obsession that is needed for every Jamaican native to enjoy a comfortable visit to Vietnam is a legally stamped Visa provided by the migration bureau of Vietnam. To get this legal Visa, the residents have to principally request for it. 

For the most part the two ways by which a Mongolian resident can get visa Vietnam are - 

1. Visit Vietnam consulate-Vietnam embassy is in Mongolia so the natives of Mongolia can visit the government office at its particular address and seek visa. 

2. Apply online- Apply with us online to get the approval letter from immigration division, lastly get "visa on arrival" at the Vietnam air terminal. 

A Mongolian citizen in its nation Mongolia to travel Vietnam needs a visa. There are two straightforward ways by which an individual can apply and get the visa. The two ways are as per the following  

As time progressed varied ways of getting visa increased. The traditional ways of getting visa visiting the embassy in the country or if not available visiting its nearby country is getting less effective. The online travelling agency has come up to offer applying online feature though their website, so that you can get visa faster without wasting your time visiting the embassy.

Since Albania doesn’t fall in the exemption list of Vietnam visa, so to visit Vietnam Albanian citizen need to apply for a Vietnam visa.

The two ways by which Albanian citizen can get Vietnam visa are as follows-  

1. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in Greece as Vietnam embassy is not present in Albania. The nearest country to Albania having Vietnam embassy is Greece.

2. Apply online to get visa approval letter from Vietnam immigration then pick up visa on arrival at any of the international airports of Vietnam.

Being a Lithuanian resident the two routes by which you can get Vietnam visa are as per the following  

1. Go to the consulate if accessible, as Vietnam government office is not been established till now in Lithuania so you need to visit the international safe haven, at Belarus and apply visa there. 

2. Apply online with us to get support letter from the Vietnam immigration department then get your "visa on landing" at any of the universal airplane terminals of Vietnam. 

A Lithuania resident in its nation Lithuania to travel Vietnam needs a visa. There are two basic routes by which he/she can apply and get the visa. The two routes are as per the following  

There are two significant ways through which the residents of Uruguay can get Vietnam visa-

1. Apply online to acquire visa approval letter from the Vietnam immigration followed by getting the visa stamped on arrival at international airports of Vietnam.

2. Visit the embassy of socialist republic of Vietnam in Argentina as Vietnam embassy is not present in Uruguay and apply visa there.

Being a Uruguayan national it is necessary to carry visa when travelling to Vietnam. There are two ways through which he/she can apply to acquire the Vietnam visa.

 Given below are the two way in detail through which you can apply-

With the presence of sincere and friendly relationship among Panama and Vietnam, the movement of Panamanian citizens towards Vietnam has expanded step by step with the progression of time. Being located at geographically distant locations both the countries share outstanding mutual understanding in terms of business operations and various other dealings. The greater part of the Panamanian natives visits Vietnam for a paramount vacation. Notwithstanding, there are several other purposes likewise for which they visit Vietnam including further chances of advanced education, trade purposes and numerous more. The entire procedure of relocation of people from Panama to Vietnam remains incomplete with a valid Visa to Visit Vietnam which is significantly issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. 

Vietnam Visa Policy has made it a mandate for the citizens of Portugal to procure a valid Vietnamese Visa for even the shortest possible trips. In order to maintain the democratic relations with the nation, Vietnam although, has extended some exemptions to Portugal citizens. There are a few predefined criteria in the Vietnam Visa Policy falling under which the Portugal people can avail several visa exemptions. It is recommended that you get in touch with the embassy for detailed information on these exemptions.

In order to obtain a visa for Vietnam, a Portugal citizen has two methods in hand. The first method would be to approach an embassy and the second would be to approach online agents like us to get a VOA (Visa on arrival).