Ways to get visa Vietnam for Mongolian citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Mongolia in person at location as below :

- Address: Enlchtaivany Urgunchulur 47 Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.
- Website: www.vietnamembassy-mongolia.org

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

For the most part the two ways by which a Mongolian resident can get visa Vietnam are - 

1. Visit Vietnam consulate-Vietnam embassy is in Mongolia so the natives of Mongolia can visit the government office at its particular address and seek visa. 

2. Apply online- Apply with us online to get the approval letter from immigration division, lastly get "visa on arrival" at the Vietnam air terminal. 

A Mongolian citizen in its nation Mongolia to travel Vietnam needs a visa. There are two straightforward ways by which an individual can apply and get the visa. The two ways are as per the following  

1. From the embassy

To get a visa for Vietnam you can counsel or go to the Vietnam embassy in Mongolia. It is situated at Ulaanbaatar. On the off chance that you are not ready to visit Mongolia then you can seek visa by post administration. This service might be accessible at Mongolia as it relies on embassy office. Going by the Vietnam consulate is all that much drawn out, it may happen that you are assume to have three to four visits. Subsequently the simplest and helpful path is to apply online with us. 

2. Apply online 

Applying visa online is simple in this tech sagacious environment. There are two ways for a Mongolian resident to apply Vietnam visa at our website. 

A. ‘Visa on arrival” in airplane terminal (for just air explorers): 

The best and viable route for air explorers of Mongolia to get Vietnam visa will be "visa on arrival". 

Given underneath are the basic steps that you have to take after while applying visa with us. 

1. Fill in the online application structure at our site with all the fundamental data in the particular fields. 

2. Pay your fee using any one of the following options-

  •  PayPal 
  •  Western Union 
  •  Credit card 
  •  Bank exchange 

3. Receive the letter of approval from us through email inside 1 working day or 1-2 working days relying upon the activity of the visas. 

4. When you arrive at the universal air terminal of Vietnam, show your approval letter, two photos and passport. 

5. Pay stamping charge to get the visa. 

This is the most straightforward and the most advantageous method for getting visa from us. Since going by embassy of Vietnam will cost you both time and vitality. Thus it is prescribed to apply Vietnam visa utilizing our online visa service. 

B. At Vietnam government office (For non air-explorers): 

This option is accessible for all Mongolian non air-voyagers. You need to cooperate with us in applying for Visa. 

  • Fill in the online application structure at our site. 
  • Make your payment following our guidelines. 
  • Receive your support letter from us through email inside 1 working day or 1-2 days. 
  • Present this support letter notwithstanding your visa alongside two identification size photos to the Vietnam embassy. 
  • Pay your stamping expense. Finally you will get a stamp on the passport.

When you seek visa you need to convey your identification, passport sized photos, Passport, letter and cash. There are two sorts of expenses which you have to pay one is the stamp expense to the migration branch of Vietnam and the other is the service charge.

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