Ways get visa Vietnam for Slovenian citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Slovenia & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Slovenia if you want to go : Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia

- Best way for Slovenian citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam

For all the foreign travelers entering Vietnam, it is mandatory to possess a valid visa. There was a time when applying for visa was a matter of great courage and patience that people need to stand in the long queues, visit the embassy 3 to 4 times and perform other tedious tasks as well. However, the growth and modernity in the technology has resulted into advancement of these conventional processes for getting a visa. The advanced technology has made it easier and convenient for people to apply for visa as per their requirement and comfort. Even you can apply for Vietnam visa sitting at home provided that you have a PC and internet connection. Apart from that, there are two options through which one can go regarding this matter:

(I) The conventional way which is to contact the closest Vietnam embassy directly, or

(II) Apply for service of visa-on-arrival via online medium for those who want to save their precious time and money as well. 

How process of visa-on-arrival works? 

Going for the second alternative would be the wise decision in which you will apply for a Vietnam visa in advance in order to get approval letter. With this approval letter, you can fly to Vietnam without any legitimate visa. Afterwards, while you will land on the Vietnam airport, you will get your Vietnam visa stamped on your Slovenian passport after making payment of stamping charges and showing the approval letter. 

Check your nationality in visa-exemption list: Besides, before applying for visa, make sure if your citizenship is incorporated in the exemption list of Vietnam visa. This list is issued by government of Vietnam granting rights to a particular number of nations and citizens for getting in Vietnam without the compulsion of any visa for a certain time-period or a No. of days. 

The Slovenia is not listed in the visa-exemption list hence nationals of Slovenia are required to have a legal visa. The above two methods are described as below:

1. Visa application online: In this process, one can file request for Vietnamese visa by contacting embassy directly or availing service of visa-on-arrival if the Slovenian nationality is valid for the same. 

Remember that visa-on-arrival is not available for citizens of every nation and it can be accessed only by the air-voyagers. Other than that, the steps to apply online are given as below:

a. Fill all the details correctly in the application form online. 

b. Pay the processing and stamp fess through online payment options. 

c. Take a copy of approval letter received on your email. 

d. Show the same at international airport of Vietnam with two photos.

e. Get your visa stamped on Slovenia passport. 

It is clear from the steps above that how convenient it is to apply online for visa. 

2. Visa-at embassy: You can get visa through this method also but it will take a lot of time and money of yours. because you will have to visit Austria, nearest country to Slovenia and located at a distance of 155.4 Kms. As the distance is short, you can visit there with all mandatory papers, application form, your original Slovenia passport, and two photos. Submit all this with stamp fees and you will be granted with Vietnam visa. 

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