Ways to get a visa Vietnam for a citizen of Bosnia

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Bosnia & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Bosnia and Herzegovina if you want to go : Hungary, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria & Czech Republic

- Best way for a citizen of Bosnia to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam

A Bosnian citizen must apply for a Vietnam visa if he plans to visit and stay at Vietnam. A visa is a mandatory as Vietnam is not in the visa exemption list. However, before applying you must go through some important steps. firstly, you need to check if Bosnia is a visa free country. If, not then you are bound to get a valid visa before entering Vietnam for business purpose or for travel purpose. 

The citizens of Bosnia or Herzegovina have two possible ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Visa on arrival

This procedure is applicable for the citizens who wishes to arrive Vietnam by air and if you reside far away from the Vietnam Embassy. This procedure is preferred by most travelers now-a-days because it is a more convenient option. You did not need to go to the Embassy or send off your passport while applying for the visa. You can also save your time as the approval letter will rich you within 1-2 days from application. 


To get your Vietnam visa on arrival the first and foremost step is to visit visa-vietnam.org and fill in the online visa application form there. The next step is to pay the service fee through secure banking option. After this you need to wait for 2 working days if you apply for normal service. If you are in a hurry then the best option is to apply for an urgent service. In this way you will receive the visa approval letter within 1 working day. You need to have a valid email account in order to receive the approval letter through mail. 

Finally you need to get a print out of this letter and get it along with your passport when you arrive at the Vietnam airport. You also need to keep 2 photos along with you and some US dollars to pay the stamping fee to receive a Vietnam visa stamped on the passport on your arrival at the airport of Vietnam. 

Visa through the Vietnam embassy 

This is the traditional way adopted by most people when visa on arrival was not in vogue. This process is effective for all the Vietnam citizens and those in the border of Vietnam. Anyone visiting Vietnam either by airport, land or sea can apply for a visa in the Vietnam Consulate. Unfortunately there is no Vietnam embassy in Bosnia till date. So, if any citizen of Bosnia wishes to get a visa from the Vietnam embassy he or she must visit the nearest embassy in any other country to apply for Vietnam visa. 


To apply for a Vietnam visa in Bosnia you need to visit the nearest Vietnam embassy. You need to show your original and valid passport at the time of application. It might take 4-5 business days for you to receive the visa approval letter. To know in details about the visa application requirements you need to contact with the Vietnam embassy in advance.  You also need to mention the purpose of your visit at the time of application. 

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