Vietnam visa policy has made it a compulsion for all the Belgium citizens to have a visa in hand before embarking on a trip to Vietnam. Although this visa policy has laid down several criteria and guidelines, under which the Belgium citizens can obtain certain exemptions from obtaining a Vietnam Visa. It is better to get in touch with the embassy or visit their website to get a complete understanding of all the exemption rules and then proceed with your process of getting a visa.

The citizens of Belgium can apply for a visa either through the embassy or through online agents like us who are proficient in getting VOAs for the travelers. Before applying for a visa, make sure that you have a valid passport. The passport must hold validity at least for 6 months from the end date of your trip. The passport should also have at least one blank page so that the authorities can stamp your visa. 

The Vietnamese government waived visa requirements for travelers coming from certain countries, including Belarus. However, Vietnam introduced a new rule requiring those travelers to have a visa upon re-entry to the country within 30 days of their last departure. The government's intent is to control foreigners who come and go repeatedly within a short period of time in an attempt to work in Vietnam illegally.

If you are a citizen of Belarus, you can easily get Visa to Vietnam. Vietnam offers very easy and simple procedures for Visa application. You can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in your country or apply for Visa on Arrival. 

Vietnam does not have an embassy in Azerbaijan. Hence, the process of application for Visa through the embassy is a little complicated for the citizens of Azerbaijan. Usually, there are two ways in which a foreign citizen can apply for Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. Since Azerbaijan does not have an Embassy of Vietnam, citizens will have to go to a nearby country or en quire with the embassy officials if the process can be facilitated over postal mail. 

• Apply through the embassy

The citizens holding valid passport of Austria nationality are required to obtain Visa to enter the boundaries of Vietnam. The pioneer authority of this legal function is the Immigration Department of Vietnam which had the power to issue approved Visa for the citizens of Austria. The Austrian citizens are provided with two distinctive options to apply for the Visa of Vietnam which include:

1. Apply online to get visa approval letter from Vietnam immigration then pick up visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam.

2. Visit the embassy of socialist republic of Vietnam in Austria and apply visa. 

With the existence of cordial relationship between Australia and Vietnam, the migration of people from Australia to Vietnam has increased gradually with the passage of time. Most of the Australian citizens travel to Vietnam for a memorable family tour. However, there are several other purposes also for which they visit Vietnam including further opportunities of higher education, business purposes and many more. The most supreme authority that looks after the complete migration of people from different countries to Vietnam is the Immigration Department of Vietnam. There exists a legitimate rule for obtaining a Visa to visit Vietnam for most of the countries. 

Every Australian citizen who is interested in visiting Vietnam for any purpose is essentially required to obtain a valid visa from the Immigration department. There are two distinctive ways of successfully acquiring Vietnam Visa with ease and convenience which include:

Peru citizen wants to trip Vietnam. In that case, the top most needs are Vietnam visa. Now before, getting a visa to Vietnam is difficult and extensive procedure, but with the improvement of technology now it becomes an effortless and quick. You must have a query on your brains that, could it really be this simple? Then, the response is yes!! When Peru citizen applying for the visas to Vietnam, they will be pleasantly shocked how simple the procedure is.

If you’re among those persons who do not like to go through the clear long and never end visa application processes with local embassy of the Vietnam then, we have an excellent news for Peru citizen. Now, you can get a sigh of support as the facility of Vietnam Visa On Arrival have come to save you. This online visa request is absolutely legal and it works through the support received from the immigration division of the Vietnam. Vietnamese government presents you several visa opportunities like visa on appearance for 1 month (single), visa on appearance for one month (multiple), visa on appearance 3 months (single) and visa on appearance for 3 months (multiple).

Today, with the help of technology and online platform to exchange information in various parts of the world has given an efficient and effective way to apply for a visa. It was the time when the traditional method of going to the embassy and investing a lot of time there was painful. Though today you can also visit the embassy for your visa process but the most effective and time saving way of applying visa online and getting approval letter via email is faster and easier.

How to get Vietnam visa in Poland?

There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa if you are a citizen of Poland.

Vietnam is one of the most adventurous countries; there are many things that can be explored by tourist. It’s in fact considered as an ideal place to enjoy honey because the beautiful weather simply complements the romantic and sizzling mood. In addition, planning a family holiday in Vietnam is also a smart decision. Whether it is the weather or the interesting culture, tourist one need visa. There are some people who believe that South African citizen does not need visa for traveling to Vietnam.

One of the most interested benefit availed by South Africans is that they are allowed to receive visa on arrival. This facility is given to some selected countries and not all. In this tourists can first reach the Vietnam airport and then after arrival can apply for the visa.

Any Taiwanese citizen who wishes to travel to Vietnam can easily apply for Visa through two methods. Vietnam encourages tourism in its different forms and hence has opened up easy and convenient Visa application methods. It has its embassies and diplomatic missions in about 70 countries, including Taiwan. Taiwanese citizens can either reach out to the Embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan or apply for Visa on Arrival through online application. 

• Apply through the embassy

Taiwanese citizens can approach the Embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan to apply for Visa. The Embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan is located at:

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Ways get Visa Vietnam for Ukraine citizen

Vietnam is a most beautiful as well as attractive place which is situated on the eastern Indochina Peninsula. Covering approximately an area of 331,210 km2, the country makes it roughly the extent of Germany. With densely forested and hilly land, the land area of the country is encompassed by 40% with mountains and tropical forests take in approximate 42% of the area. The climatic and ecological condition of the country is excellent. Alongside, it is rich in culture and world class cuisines. 

Methods to get Vietnam visa for citizens of Ukraine

There are two ways by which you can get Vietnam visa described as below: