Resolution No. 46/NQ-CP dated June 18, 2015 of the Government  – 15 day visa free – free entry visa 15 days for citizens of the Kingdom of England, the French Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kingdom of Spain and the Italian Republic

The Vietnamese government waived 15 days visa requirements for travelers coming from certain countries, including France. However, Vietnam introduced a new rule requiring those travelers to have a visa upon re-entry to the country within 30 days of their last departure. The government's intent is to control foreigners who come and go repeatedly within a short period of time in an attempt to work in Vietnam illegally.

Vietnam has a distinct visa policy in place that has stated very clearly the guidelines for entry and exit of the people to and from Vietnam. As per this policy, residents of France need to obtain a valid visa before embarking on a journey to Vietnam. However, to strengthen the democratic bonds, Vietnam has still given certain exemptions to the French, provided they fall under these well-defined criteria. Get in touch with the embassy to get a complete understanding of these exemption criteria.

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Vietnam Consulate in France

Are you looking for location of Vietnam Consulate in France ? There is no Vietnam Consulate in France but you can find below for information of Vietnam embassy in France to contact instead.

Ambassade du Vietnam en France

62 rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, France

Standard: 01 44 14 64 00        


Visa:          06 48 59 91 64

                   01 44 14 64 00

Published in Vietnam Consulate

Do French citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not? From 01 July 2015, French citizens are not need visa for entering if stay less than 15 days in Vietnam. Please note that, 30 days after exit Vietnam then you can come back with visa free policy. Otherwise, you need visa for entering Vietnam. 

Residents of France need to obtain a valid Vietnamese visa for entry into the nation if stay more than 15 days. Vietnam has bestowed a visa exemption to a number of nations but as if now, France is not one of them. As a result, French citizens need to have a valid visa if they want to visit Vietnam.

France and Vietnam have been into a diplomatic relation for more than 40 years now. As a result, the Vietnamese government has led down some criteria falling under which Frenchmen can avail a visa exemption for certain duration. Some of the criteria are:

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Embassy of Vietnam in France

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in France

France and Vietnam have shared a democratic relationship since the year 1973. With more than 40 years of a fruitful association, the countries have very well established and smooth policies for the each other. As per the visa policy, French citizen does not have to obtain a visa for travelling to Vietnam if stay less than 15 days. However, the long association has bagged certain exemptions under which the Frenchmen can enjoy a visa free stay for a specified duration of time. The embassy is the best source to get information on the exemption criteria.