Ways to get visa Vietnam for Tuvalu citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Unfortunately, No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Tuvalu & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Tuvalu is: New Zealand, Australia & Japan

- Best way for Tuvalu citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for visa on arrival Vietnam

In the past few years Vietnam has been booming with economic growth. This boom along with rich cultural heritage attracts a good number of people. The country has framed a well-defined visa policy. According to the visa policy, a Tuvaluan citizen should get a visa to enter Vietnam. There are a few privileges applicable to some sections of the Tuvaluan society providing exemptions under defined conditions. Understand these scenarios before applying, as some may apply to you, saving you from the process entirely. To get a visa you may approach an embassy of go for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) through agents like us.

Getting visa through an embassy:

Vietnam has established embassies in 70 countries. As of now, a Vietnam embassy has not been established in Tuvalu making the process of obtaining an embassy complicated for the citizens.

1) Primarily, identify a Vietnamese embassy in one of the neighboring country willing to help you with your application. There are Vietnamese embassies in nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, etc. Select one with the simplest procedure. The comprehensive list of countries with Vietnam embassies is available online.

2) The first step is to get the application form online. Fill the application from, affix the colored photo and arrange all the required set of documents.

3) Send you application form and the set described in the earlier step by post. Make sure to select a reliable postal service with tracking service. 

4) On receiving the application, the process is completed with 5-7 working days but you should also consider the time taken up by the postal service. 

5) The visa will be sent to you by post if you send a prepaid envelope along with the application.

6) This visa is valid for all modes of travel.

Getting a VOA:

It is evident that the process of getting an embassy visa is bothersome for Tuvalu because of lack a Vietnam embassy in the country. You may go for a much easier process of VOA with the help of our agency.

1) We are professionals when it comes to VOAs. The only thing to be remembered is the fact that it is applicable only for air trips.

2) The process is completely based online. Fill the application form online and make the payment based in the type of visa and the duration of the stay.

3) We will pass the application form to the Vietnam immigration department and they will give us an approval letter for you. The letter will be sent to the email address registered at our website.

4) The letter and a valid passport are sufficient documents required for reaching any Vietnamese airport. After the immigration officer checks your approval letter and passport your visa will be stamped.

5) As it is clear, you will not have to submit any documents, hence, the process is very smooth. The process will also save you some money considering the postal services that you can avoid. So if you plan on travelling by air this would be the logical route to take. 

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