Ways to get visa Vietnam for Tajikistan citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Tajikistan & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Tajikistan if you want to go : Iran & India

- Best way for Tajikistan citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for visa on arrival Vietnam

Chiefly, there are two main methods for Tajikistan citizens through which they can get visa for Vietnam. One is online method and the other is applying in an embassy. In case, you go for the second one, you will have to search an embassy in the nearest country as the same is not available in Tajikistan. You can apply at Vietnam embassy in Uzbekistan which is 394 miles away from Tajikistan. But make sure that you are well-prepared to visit there 3 to 4 times as the entire process is time taking. It is not suitable for travelers who need Vietnam visa urgently. The two methods are discussed here briefly along with the steps and other necessary information:

(1) Apply through online mode: It is the most convenient and easy process that will get you your Vietnam visa in a short period of time and even in less than that if you require it immediately. However, one thing is common in both online and offline process which is you must have a passport with at least 90 days validity followed by the date of your departure. But it will be good if you always travel with passport which is valid up to 6 months minimally. A few easy-to-follow steps are queued as below:

(i) Fill all the individual details including nationality, date of birth and passport information. 

(ii) Select type of visa you want to apply for as tourist or business visa. 

(iii) Fill whether single or multiple entries and you will be charged accordingly. 

(iv) It is important to look at the stamp charges as you will pay the same to Vietnam Government on your arrival at Vietnam. 

(v) Go through all the details to check whether they are correct or not. 

(vi) Choose the process of receiving approval letter as in 2 days, or 2 to 4 hours (in emergency cases). 

(vii) Submit the form and checkout.

(viii)At last, after getting the approval letter, check all the details to eliminate the further issues. 

(2) Apply via embassy: There is another option but that is a little bit complex and tedious. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan because in Tajikistan, it is not located. Bring all the documents with you included with your Tajikistan passport, 2 photos while traveling to embassy in Vietnam. It is mandatory to present yourself in the embassy in-person and no one else can get your work done on your behalf. Along with that, the embassy submits your original Tajikistan passport. The visas provided at Vietnam embassies are issued by Vietnam Ministry of Foreign, while Vietnam Immigration Department issues visa-on-arrival through online process. The information letter telling the applicants that country has approved them is approval letter. Carrying this letter makes your eligible to board the flight and they are provided with visa on the international air terminal of Vietnam. 

Note: applicants going to Vietnam via any of the transport medium can apply for Vietnam embassy visa but Visa-on-arrival for Vietnam can be accessed by the air travelers. 

In short, the processes are not so much distinctive but the only difference between them is that one is quick, fast and cost-effective while another is time and cost taking. Apply through online mode for Vietnam visa. 

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