Guamanian citizen need visa to enter the boundary of Vietnam. The citizens have to apply for visa in order to visit Vietnam as the county Guam is not included in the exemption list to get the right of visa free. There are two ways through which the citizens of Guam can apply visa. These two ways are as follows-

1. Apply online with us so that you can receive the approval letter from us granted by the immigration department of Vietnam. All you need to do is fill in the application form online.

2. Visit the embassy of Vietnam in Guam. But the embassy is yet not being established in Guam, so the citizens had to travel its nearby country where the Vietnam embassy is present.

Given below is the complete procedure through which you can apply in order to get the Vietnam visa-

Getting a visa is the most crucial part of travelling to a new country. If one person is travelling to a foreign country then he or she needs to have some legal documents which ensure his or her actual identity as well as nationality and other legitimate descriptions. Visa and passports are the two documents one needs to have before thinking about travelling to a different country. Well, the question arises…why is visa such an important piece of a document? Why can’t identity cards and other proofs be enough to let us through the border?

The answer to that question can be found in this next paragraph. Let’s see why it is such a big deal to have a visa. And also let’s see how we can get visa for Vietnam if one is a resident of Fiji.

Citizens of the nation of Djibouti like several other nations are required to send an application for a Vietnam visa. But sadly there is no Vietnam Embassy or consulate or any other representative office of Vietnam located in Djibouti. So, the people of Djibouti keen on traveling to Vietnam are left with two other options for applying for a Vietnam visa. They are:

1. They can either choose to travel, to the nearest Vietnam Embassy or consulate office located at a neighboring country or apply for a Vietnam visa in person through the embassy.

2. Or they can apply for a Vietnam visa online. This type of Vietnam visa is called as Visa on Arrival and is handed over to the traveler on their arrival at the Vietnam International Airport. 

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Ways to get Visa for Vietnam from Cyprus

Currently Cyprus does not have any Vietnam embassy or consulate offices for tits citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. Hence, a Cypriot passport holder can only apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways. They are:

1. Travel to the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate office in a neighboring country and apply for a Vietnam visa in person. It is recommended that you check with the consulate office of the foreign country in advance before you choose to travel to the country to make sure they grant Vietnam visas for citizens of nearby countries.

2. Log onto a website of a recognized travel agency that has close associations with the Immigration department of Vietnam for applying for a visa for visiting Vietnam on arrival online. This type of visa is granted to the traveler on their arrival to Vietnam at the Vietnam international airport. 

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Ways get visa Vietnam for a Comorian

For a citizen of Comoros, it is mandatory to have a valid visa in order to visit Vietnam. However, many countries are there who are exempted from having a visa to enter Vietnam, but unfortunately, Comoros is not among the list. Since 1996 rules are made more flexible and now Comoros citizens coming to Vietnam can collect their visa on arrival from the Vietnam airport. 

There are officially two ways to get a Vietnam visa from Comoros. 

• Visa from Vietnam Embassy - Since there is no Vietnam embassy in Comoros; one can get a visa from the embassy only if they travel to another country which has an embassy. It is recommended to apply for the visa via postal service for convenience. However, it is advised to first check with the embassy if they provide visa application via post.

With the existence of cordial economical relations between Vietnam and Belize, a significant increase in the movement of Belizean nationals has been observed towards Vietnam for spending holidays and tourist exploration. Excessive amount of trade also prevails between both the countries to ensure ideal economic growth of both the countries. Looking at the emerging attraction of Belizean citizens towards Vietnam, the Vietnamese government passed a mandatory rule for the foreign visitors to hold a legitimate visa Vietnam for entering its precincts.  The Belizean natives, who are desirous of spending an overriding vacation, must possess a valid visa for successful and convenient trip. 

In order to apply for a legal Vietnam visa, the natives of Belize are primarily required to make a to the Immigration department of Vietnam who is the authority to issue such visa. They can request the Immigration division through two significant sources which include:

To enjoy a successful touring of Vietnam, the Barbadian citizens have to possess a significant and genuine visa issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau. This bureau, being the most crucial authority of issuing Vietnam visa, has opened two genuine mediums of requesting for Visa in order to ensure perfect comfort and convenience of not only Barbadian citizens but also for the citizens of other nations. The people can choose their own convenient option of requesting for the visa. Each method of application has a distinctive procedure of application attached to it. It is essential for people to deeply understand the complete procedure of both the methods. 

Citizens of Bahamas are required to obtain Visa if they wish to travel to Vietnam. Usually, there are two simple procedures by which a foreign citizen can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the Embassy of Vietnam in his country or apply for Visa on Arrival. However, Vietnam does not have an embassy in Bahamas. So citizens of Bahamas will either have to get in touch with an embassy of Vietnam in a neighboring country or apply for Visa on Arrival. 

• Apply through the embassy

If you decide to travel to a neighboring country to apply for Visa to Vietnam, then you will have to invest a lot of time and money. At the embassy, you will have to fill the Visa application form. Along with the duly filled form, you will have to submit one recent passport sized photograph, one self-addressed envelope and your original passport. Besides these documents, you will have to submit the Visa fees. These fees can be paid in favor of the Embassy of Vietnam by way of money order or cashier’s check. 

Aruban citizens have two ways to get Vietnam Visa which is following below:

1. Aruban citizen requires to visit directly to the Vietnam immigration department for the approval letter and to get the Vietnam Visa. Citizens require visiting Cuba country’s Vietnam Embassy for applying Vietnam Visa because there is no immigration department of Vietnam in Aruba.

2. Another easiest way for people to get Vietnam visa is applying online with us and get an approval letter to travel Vietnam on your mail.  

Resident of Aruba country requires to have two important documents to travel Vietnam first one is passport of Aruba and the second one is Vietnam visa. People can get Vietnam visa through various ways:

Visa is the most important document that you need if you are a citizen of Oman in order to enter into Vietnam as Oman is not a visa exempted country. the citizens of the countries like South Korea, Japan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark can enter Vietnam without a visa and stay there for 30 days. After that a visa is a must. The citizens of Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore are visa free for 30 days. The citizens of Philippines are visa free for 21 days. The people of Myanmar and Brunei can visit Vietnam without a visa for 14 days. 

If you are having a valid Oman passport then you need to contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring countries of Oman as there is no Vietnam Embassy in Oman till date. You can also contact the Vietnam Embassy of any other country or even the Vietnam Immigration Department to get an approved Vietnam visa.