Ways to get Visa for Vietnam from Cyprus

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Cyprus & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Cyprus if you want to go : Turkey, Israel, Egypt & Iraq

- Way to get visa for Vietnam from Cyprus without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam

Currently Cyprus does not have any Vietnam embassy or consulate offices for tits citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa in person. Hence, a Cypriot passport holder can only apply for a Vietnam visa in one of two ways. They are:

1. Travel to the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate office in a neighboring country and apply for a Vietnam visa in person. It is recommended that you check with the consulate office of the foreign country in advance before you choose to travel to the country to make sure they grant Vietnam visas for citizens of nearby countries.

2. Log onto a website of a recognized travel agency that has close associations with the Immigration department of Vietnam for applying for a visa for visiting Vietnam on arrival online. This type of visa is granted to the traveler on their arrival to Vietnam at the Vietnam international airport. 

Disadvantages of applying for a Vietnam visa in person through the embassy or consulate office of a neighboring country:

As can be well perceived there are two major disadvantages in the process of applying for a Vietnam visa through the Vietnam embassy or consulate of a neighboring nation:

1. One will need to take up a leave from their work to unnecessarily travel to a foreign country, which will require time as well as extra traveling costs. There is also the provision for staying at the country while your visa procedure gets completed.

2. When applying for a visa in person through a Vietnam embassy one will be required to wait in long waiting queues at the office for all the procedures to be completed which is not only time consuming but also troublesome. 

3. Applying for a visa in person will require you to only be able to apply on working days and during the specified business hours which is not the case for online applications as they can be done at anytime from anywhere. An online Vietnam visa application website remains in operation 24/7. 

Thus, it can be very well understood that for applying for a Vietnam visa, the best and most convenient method of application is through the internet. 

How to apply for a Vietnam visa online for citizens of Cyprus?

Online Vietnam visa application is the fastest and most hassle free method of applying for a Vietnam visa. Here are the steps to do so:

Visit an online visa application website and fill out the visa application form completely with all the accurate information.

Then pay the visa service fees with the service provider and follow their instruction correctly. 

Then you simply need to wait for the visa approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department which takes about 2 to 3 working days to be prepared that will be sent to you via email. 

Then you need to take a print out of the Vietnam visa approval letter in hardcopy. You will need to present this printout to the immigration officer along with your passport and two recent colored passport size photographs at the Vietnam visa on arrival office at the Vietnam international airport. 

Finally just pay the visa stamping fee for the issuance of your Vietnam visa on your passport so that you can enter and stay in Vietnam legally. Usually the Vietnam visa is issued for a time period of anywhere between 1 to 3 months. 

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