Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Raipur Citizens

There're 2 ways for Raipur Citizens to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in India in person at location as below :

- Embassy Address : 20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapury, New Delhi – 110 021, India

- Consulate Address : Unit 805, 8th Floor, Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Central Avenue, Powai 400076, Mumbai, India.

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy and consulate location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Raipur Citizens, Chhattisgarh state, India

If you are a citizen of Raipur and you want to travel to Vietnam, then getting the visa must be your first priority. Despite what everyone in your neighbourhood says, getting a visa is not a tough task. There are two ways in which you can easily and readily get your visa ready for going to Vietnam. The first process requires you to go to the Vietnam embassy and follow up all the process they ask you to do. This process is more accountable and everything is clear to you.

• Get your Vietnam visa through the embassy of Vietnam 

Now, in order to apply for the visa through the Vietnam Embassy, you will need to know the location of the Embassy that has been given below.

17, Kautilya Marg, 


New Delhi 110 021, 


The Vietnam Embassy is very stringent, and they will not make you wait for any unnecessary reason. If you follow all the rules properly, then they will do the same. First of all, you will need to fill out the application form for obtaining the visa to Vietnam. After this, you will be required to submit your original proof of address, a recent passport sized photograph and your passport. You are almost done, but the last step is to pay the visa fees which the embassy asks for.

After you have completed the process, you have done your part. Now, the embassy will take a minimum of 5 working days to give you your fully stamped visa for Vietnam, so you can travel hassle free. This is the best way to get your visa. But the one shortcoming of this method is that, the citizens living in Raipur will have to travel all the way to Delhi. And we all know that the cost of travelling to Delhi and living there is never cheap. 

• Visa on arrival in Vietnam for Raipur Citizens, Chhattisgarh state, India

For those citizens of Raipur who can’t afford to go to Delhi to get the Visa, you can go for this method. This one is cheaper compared to the embassy method. For getting a visa on arrival, you will have to contact a travel agent in Vietnam. They will provide you with an online application form that you need to fill out from their website. You will have to fill up a space stating your purpose of visit. The three options will be business, travel and transit. Based on your choice, you will get the duration of your stay. After this, you will be issued a letter of approval, which can be collected by your agent.

Once you reach Vietnam, you can collect your visa by showing this letter of approval. You will be asked to pay the visa fees at the counter itself. This method is only for those travellers who are flying to Vietnam. For those travelling by another mode, it is essential that they carry their documents while travelling. They might need them for a check. 

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