Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Malawian Citizens

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Malawi & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Malawi if you want to go : Mozambique & Tanzania

- Best way for Malawian Citizens to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Malawian citizens are required to obtain Visa in order to travel into Vietnam. Vietnam offers easy procedures for Visa application. Any Malawian citizen or passport holder who wishes to travel to Vietnam for tourist or business purposes can either contact the embassy or apply for Visa on Arrival. Read on to know more about these two procedures:

• Apply through the Embassy

Malawi does not have an Embassy of Vietnam and hence Malawian citizens who wish to apply for Visa through the embassy must contact embassies in nearby countries. You will either have to travel to the nearby country or check with the embassy officials if they can assist you in the application procedure  mail. 

This can be difficult for those who do not wish to travel to a distant location for the Visa application procedure. Although the benefit of applying for Visa through the embassy is that you will have a fully stamped Visa before your departure to Vietnam, there are certain drawbacks in this system. This procedure will cost you quite a bit because of the travel that will be necessary. Usually, when you apply through the embassy, you are required to visit the embassy several times before the process is complete. Also, you will have to send in valuable documents such as your original passport for processing, through postal mail. You stand to lose your original passport in case of any misplacement. 

An easier alternative to this procedure is the Visa on Arrival. By opting for the Visa on Arrival method, you can easily apply for Visa without incurring much expenditure and also keep valuable documents such as your passport safe. 

• Apply for Visa on Arrival

The Visa on Arrival is quite convenient and much faster than the embassy method. You will have to get in touch with a reliable travel agent based in Vietnam in order to apply for Visa on Arrival. You will be asked to fill an online application form on the agent’s website and make the necessary payments online. While filling up the form, you will have to key in your personal and travel details such as your name, occupation, travel dates, duration of stay, purpose of visit etc. While stating your purpose of visit, you will be asked to choose from options such as business, tourist and transit. A business Visa will provide validity of one month, three months and six months. A tourist Visa will get you validity of one month and a transit Visa allows a validity of less than five days. Choose the option that suits your travel plans accurately and to avoid any complications on landing in Vietnam. 

Once you have filled the form, submit it for processing. The form will be processed in a couple of days and you will be issued a letter of approval. This letter of approval can be collected by your travel agent and forwarded to you. On reaching Vietnam, you can submit this letter of approval at the Visa on Arrival counter in the airport of your arrival to collect your Visa on Arrival document. Along with the letter of approval, you will also have to submit the Visa stamping fees at the counter. 

It is to be noted that the Visa on Arrival facility is extended only to those travelers who arrive in Vietnam by air.  

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