Ways to get visa Vietnam for Libya citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Libya in person at location as below :

- Address: Al-Hadba Al-Khadra, Tripoli, Libya.
- Website : www.vietnamembassy-libya.org

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Vietnam visa policy has made it a mandate for all the Libyan citizens to have a valid visa in hand before starting on a trip to Vietnam. However, this visa policy has also specified several criteria and guidelines, under which the Libyan citizens can obtain several exemptions from obtaining a Vietnam Visa. It is better to approach the embassy or visit its website to get a complete understanding of all the exemption criteria and then proceed with the process of applying for a visa.

The citizens of Libya can apply for a visa either through the Vietnam embassy or through online agents like us who are professionals in getting VOAs. Before applying for a visa, make sure that the passport is valid. The passport must hold validity for at least 6 months from the end of your journey. The passport should also have at least one blank page so that the officials can stamp your visa. 

Obtaining a visa from Vietnam embassy:

The Libyan citizens have one benefit that the country has its own Vietnam embassy. This embassy is the highest authority that issues visas for any kind of trip to Vietnam. The Vietnam embassy is located in the city of Tripoli. The process is as follows:

1) Fill up your visa application form and attach a colored passport sized photo and relevant documents to it. You may submit this form in person to the embassy or send it via post if you stay far from Tripoli.  

2) At the time of submitting application, you will need to pay a processing fee to the embassy. The payment can be made in cash or via a check.

3) A successful application will hand over a visa in 5 to 7 working days. 

4) An embassy visa gives you the benefit of entering into Vietnam through any preferred route, i.e. land, water, or airways.

Getting a VOA:

The embassy visa gives you an entry through any route; however, it is not time effective and at times an expensive process. To escape this, we give you the option of a VOA (visa on arrival). The VOA is applicable only if you are flying to Vietnam.

1) The entire process has been made online and therefore it is very simple. You just need to fill up a visa application form and pay the necessary processing fee.

2) The application is forwarded to the Vietnam Immigration Department by us. They issue an approval letter in the applicant’s name i.e. you.

3) We will make sure that this letter reaches you in two business days. This letter is all you need to embark on your journey.

4) Once you land on any of the major Vietnamese airports, the officer will scrutinize your approval letter. The information will be crosschecked with your passport and then the officer will stamp the visa.

5) We ensure that this process is convenient for our clients. Simply apply for a VOA and all your issues regarding a visa are handled by us in the most efficient manner.

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