Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Agra Citizens

There're 2 ways for Agra Citizens to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in India in person at location as below :

- Embassy Address : 20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapury, New Delhi – 110 021, India

- Consulate Address : Unit 805, 8th Floor, Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Central Avenue, Powai 400076, Mumbai, India.

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy and consulate location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Ways to Get Visa Vietnam for Agra Citizens, Uttar Pradesh, India

People across the world visit different places because of their work and sometimes, to spend some quality time with their friends and family. In India, people from different cities including Agra, in Uttar Pradesh, visit places like Vietnam. However, making an international tour is not that easy. There are numerous technicalities involved with such journeys. First, for people interested in making such tours, possession of International passport is mandatory. This includes the presence of Visa documents. However, procuring a Visa to travel to a place as remote as Vietnam is not an easy task.

Methods to Explore While Getting a Visa to Vietnam from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

If you are looking for such travel documents then you have two methods to explore.

Method 1

In the first method, the applicant can consider visiting the nearest Vietnam consulate. The different embassy addresses, one can easily procure from the web. After visiting the embassy, the applicant will get adequate guidance and support to do the paperwork. In the first visit the applicant must not forget bringing other documents relevant to the travel. Upon completion of the visa processing requests, they are supposed to come once again to collect their individual visas on payment of the requisite fees.

Method 2

The second method is simpler as it does not involve hours of waiting at the visa office on the part of the applicants. From that angle, it’s less time consuming. This process involves the online filling and submission of the visa applications. An individual can check the embassy website, check the form, fill it up and then do the submission. At the backend the staff at the embassy will process the requests and then generate the visa approval letter. Online copy of the same is emailed to the individual aspiring to travel to Vietnam. The concerned party needs to download the same, make a print of it and then visit the consulate office as mentioned by him earlier and collect the visa from there upon payment of the service charge. Another thing that he can do is to take the approval letter with him to Vietnam (if he is travelling by air) and then at the Vietnam International Airport he can pick up the visa document.

Types of Vietnam visas

There are three types of visas available for Indian citizens

For business purposes

People procuring this type of visa can stay for a maximum period of six months in the country. The person needs to renew the document upon expiry.

For Tourism purposes

The tourism visa can be availed for a maximum period of one month.

Transit visas

People availing such visas get 5 days to spend in Vietnam. The people are expected to depart from the country before the expiry of their visa.

There are people across the world, who is interested to visit Vietnam either for business purposes or for spending some quality time with their friends and family. Apart from the visa requirement there are other parameters that need to be fulfilled by Indian citizens hailing from Indian cities Agra, prior to making such international journey.

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