Ways to get Visa for Vietnam from Reunion

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Reunion & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Reunion is: Mozambique, Tanzania & South Africa

- Best way for Reunion citizens to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival Vietnam at the airport

A visa is a person’s the identity and is the symbol of his or her individuality .it is an authentic proof of his or her being. Countries around the world cannot simply let any random person enter their country without correct identification. This is serious matter of the country’s security. This can be why having a visa is crucial if one is traveling to a unique country.

How to get a visa (the visa on arrival method)

• First of all make sure you have all the correct documents regarding the application. Important documents exclusively mean –passport, identity card, driver’s license or voter’s identity card, passport size photographs (recent), birth certificate (as a proof of the age you claim to be).

• As soon as the documents are ready, fill out the online application form .one can easily get an application form from the embassy website. In this case reunion FR residents can check out the Vietnam embassy website for online application options. As there is no Vietnam embassy there, thus online application is the only reliable option.

• After filling out the form, payments are need to made .the processing charges of visa application varies from country to country .however, there are more than one ways to make payment to the Vietnam embassy for processing the visa. One can send cheques through draft, money order; he or she can also opt for credit/ debit cards etc. also the facility of internet banking is enabled for the ease of applicants.

• After all the formalities, one has to wait for a couple of days as it takes time to process a visa application. Now, this is not certain that a visa application will be surely approved. most of the times, visa applications are rejected due to false details, data or not being able to produce suitable proofs to support the document. But, if you the applicant provide correct details, he or she will pass smoothly for the approval letter.

• The approval letter is what you need to get through security checking at Vietnam. The authorities will help you fulfill some legal formalities and will hand you your visa then and there after thorough checking.

• Apart from this, there are many agents and travel guide agencies which help in getting a visa. One can hire their service to get a visa too. The work is less but you have got to pay money. However this method reduces a lot of stress from one person. One can choose either way.

Common mistakes to avoid –

• The most common mistake is the misspelling a word. One must know that an even a small mistake can lead to serious loss of money, time, and also dignity. A visa application form must not be filled in hurry. Keeping the mind cal will help here.

• Once an application form is submitted and printed out, the changes cannot be made. After it is submitted online, it is the end of your part of job and from that point of time; nothing can be done as nothing is in your control.

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