Ways to get Vietnam visa for Burkina Faso

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Burkina Faso & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Burkina Faso if you want to go : Nigeria, Algeria & Morocco

- Best way for Burkina Faso to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam

Basically, there are two most used methods and following any one of them will get you with Vietnam visa. The difference between both of them is just that one is faster, quicker and convenient in comparison to the other. They are mentioned and described as below:

1. Visit Vietnam embassy in Nigeria ( as it is not present in Burkina Faso), or 

2. Visa-on-arrival is another option where you can apply online. 

The residents of Burkina Faso, who want to enter Vietnam for tourism or business purpose, are required to have visa by means of any of the following ways:

1. Vietnam embassy in Nigeria: you will have to visit the embassy of Vietnam in Nigeria as it has not been introduced in Burkina Faso yet. Nigeria is close to Burkina Faso. In case you do not want to visit there, you can apply for visa by post. It is accessible in Nigeria because the government office governs it. But the process is time taking and is not ideal for people seeking for Vietnam visa urgently. 

2. Online application: The online application for approximately all the necessary documents is accessible at present age. Same is the case with Vietnam visa. But this process also comes two approaches as:

• Apply for visa on your arrival at Vietnam International Airport: This is fastest and highly effortless way to apply for visa. However, only air travelers of Burkina Faso can apply in this method and any travelers from any other transport cannot apply for the same via this method. 

The steps to be followed in this method are enlisted as follows;

(i) At first, fill the online application form with all the details marked as mandatory. 

(ii) Make sure that all the details filled by you are matching with your passport to avoid any further issues.

(iii) Flexible and easy payment options are available likewise pay pal, western union, bank transfer and debit/credit card. 

(iv) You will receive the approval letter by email as you provided in the application form within 1 business day or even in 2 to 9 hours if you need it in urgent. 

(v) On your arrival at Vietnam international airport, confirm your Burkina Faso passport, 2 photos of passport size, and approval letter along with the stamping charges and your visa will get stamped. 

The method is extremely convenient and helpful to get visa online. On that other hand, visiting Vietnam embassy in Nigeria will take a lot of money and wastage of time. Conclusively, online application is neither time-taking nor costly. 

• Apply online for visa to Vietnam embassy in Nigeria: This alternative works best for the travelers to Vietnam traveling with transport other than air. In this method, you are provided with approval letter showing which in the Vietnam embassy in Nigeria alongside Burkina Faso Passport ID, 2 photos and application form at the embassy. The process includes same steps as enlisted above. 

In short, both the methods as visa-on-approval application and application at an embassy are helpful for individuals seeking to be granted with Vietnam Visa. But it is strongly recommended that you for online application as in this case you do not have to deal with the embassy and pay 3 to 4 visits for visa.

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