Ways to get a visa Vietnam for a citizen of Palestine

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Palestine & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Palestine if you want to go : Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq & Kuwait

- Best way for a citizen of Palestine to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting Vietnam visa on arrival

With the advancement of time the procedure to get visa has also changed. People now prefer the visa on arrival method over the conventional process of getting it from the Consulate or Embassy. Gone are those days when people even opted for a passport from the adjacent International safe haven if there is none in the concerned country. People are attracted more to the time saving and cost effective process. 

Ways of getting a Vietnam visa in Palestine

There are two approved ways of getting a Vietnam visa from Palestine.

• Visit the Vietnam Embassy for visa

• Get Vietnam visa on arrival to Vietnam airport

Read on to get detailed information

• Applying via the Vietnam embassy- Since at present there is no Vietnam embassy is Palestine, you can go to other adjacent countries to search for a Vietnam Embassy. In case it is an inconvenient option for you to come and visit the Vietnam Embassy in person you can also opt for a Vietnam visa through post. However, for this purpose you need to consult with the embassy in advance to make sure that they offer such facility. It is advised to go for this procedure of getting the visa only if you are traditional by heart. Otherwise visa on arrival is the most convenient procedure now-a-days. 

• Visa on arrival- The Vietnam Immigration have been issuing the visa online since 2003 popularly known as visa on arrival. It is a simple procedure as well as time saving. For applying in this way you need a valid email address and a fast internet connection in order to fill in the online application form and receive the approval letter later. This means you don’t have to visit any office or meet people face to face in order to hand over the documents. This no doubt saves money and time both. You can also apply for visa from anywhere and everywhere and at any time of the day. This is also a faster process as the approval procedure is completed generally in 2 days. In case of urgency people can also opt for 2hours approval procedure. 

Necessary documents needed

In order to get visa at arrival you need to have some very important documents handy. You must have a passport that is having a validity of 3 months and there must be one blank page of the passport. A valid email address is also very important in order to receive the approval letter by mail. You must also have access of any online payment gateway like PayPal, Master or Visa. Visa fees in the form of US dollar payable at the Vietnam airport are also another important thing to possess. 

If you apply for an online visa there are three purposes on which your journey is based. You can visit Vietnam either for business purpose, travel purpose or transit purpose. The validity of your visa keeps on changing depending on the type of vacation you are coming for. For business purpose your visa is valid for either 1, 3 or 6 months. For travel purpose the validity period is 1 month and for transit purpose it is less than 5 days. 

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