Ways get visa Vietnam for Namibian citizen

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Namibia & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Namibia if you want to go : South Africa, Angola & Mozambique

- Best way for Namibian citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting Vietnam visa on arrival

The advancement in technology has reached next level where everything is online from shopping to paying utility bills, searching for a new place to booking air and rail tickets, and lots more. in fact, the process of visa application is no more cumbersome and tedious task as one can apply for the same through online mode. It is only a click away. You need not to visit any embassy or wandering about consulate office for many days. A number of online service providers are offering real-time and affordable services to get a visa for Vietnam. They have eliminated the wastage of energy, hard-earned money and precious time of yours with their reliable and completely secured online visa assistance. Primarily, there are two methods for Namibian citizens to apply for Vietnam visa, discussed as below:

i. Visiting the Socialist republic of Vietnam embassy in Namibia. But since it is now available there, you will have to visit Vietnamese embassy in South Africa which is the closest country to Namibia and 952.7 kms away. 

ii. The second alternative is applying online through any of the trusted and most sought after visa agency. With this method, you can collect the Vietnam visa on your arrival at international airport of Vietnam. 

A Namibian resident requires a visa for travelling Vietnam. 

i. Visa application through Vietnam embassy: The embassy of Vietnam is not available in Namibia. Hence, look for the same in nearby countries. South Africa is the nearest country to it with a distance of 952.7 kms from Namibia. Other than that, if you don’t wish to visit the embassy, you can apply for visa using postal facility. But before that, rest assured that whether this facility is available in South Africa or not. Therefore, the cheapest and time saving way to submit an application for Vietnam visa is online mode.

ii. Online application: In online mode, there are further two methods as:

a. get visa on your arrival at Vietnam terminal: being the fastest and most reliable way for Namibian travelers coming by aero plane to Vietnam are provided with Vietnam Visa on arrival by going through below given simple steps:

• Visit the agency’s website and open the application form. 

• Duly fill all the details.

• Make payment using any of the suiting payment option. 

• Receive approval letter. 

• Show the approval letter and collect visa after payment of stamping charges. 

b. For non-air travelers: It is applicable for only those people who are travelling to Vietnam except air mode.  In this method, the initial steps as mentioned above for air-travelers are same. All you need to do is present the approval letter at the Vietnamese embassy alongside two photos. Further, collect Vietnam visa after paying stamp-fees. Remember that stamping can varied from embassy to embassy. 

As Vietnam visa is necessary for all the natives of all the countries except those who are listed in the visa-exemption list of Vietnam. You can apply for various kinds of visa online such as tourist visa, official and diplomatic visa, business visa, student visa, and extended visa.  

In short, online application process comes with much reliability, cost effectiveness, assurance of quality, supple payment alternatives, and customer oriented approaches. Apply for Vietnam visa via online approach today.

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