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Ways get visa Vietnam for an Indian living in Mumbai city, Maharashtra state, India

For a citizen of India, it is compulsory to have a valid visa in order to visit Vietnam. Many countries don’t need visa to get into Vietnam. However, India is not one of the countries exempted from needing a visa. Since 1996 rules are made more flexible and now Indian citizens coming to Vietnam can collect their visa from the Vietnam airport while arriving. 

There are officially two ways to get a Vietnam visa from India. 

• Visa from Vietnam consulate in Mumbai city, Maharashtra state, India- There is a Vietnam embassy located in Mumbai. There is a consulate general of Vietnam in Mumbai. One can always go there and do it in person. For a Mumbai citizen, it is the easiest and the most efficient method. One can reach through the following emails: 

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Embassy of Vietnam in India

Some Information and Procedure to Get Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in India

All Indian citizens are required to apply for Visa to travel to Vietnam. There are very simple procedures in place to help Indians get Visas to Vietnam easily. One of the standard procedures is to get in touch with the embassy or consulate in India and apply for Visa. Any individual who wishes to get a Visa to Vietnam will helped by the embassy staff and taken through a step by step procedure for Visa approval. There are, however, a few disadvantages in this procedure. This approach will require the individual to make multiple visits to the embassy, wait a longer time for the Visa to arrive etc. And embassies are present only in select locations. For people residing in far flung areas, this wouldn’t be a convenient option.