Ways get visa Vietnam for an Indian living in Ludhiana

There're 2 ways for an Indian living in Ludhiana to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in India in person at location as below :

- Embassy Address : 20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapury, New Delhi – 110 021, India

- Consulate Address : Unit 805, 8th Floor, Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Central Avenue, Powai 400076, Mumbai, India.

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy and consulate location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Ways get visa Vietnam for an Indian living in Ludhiana city, Punjab state, India

People in Ludhiana, Punjab also feel like going to the Vietnam for business as well as for leisure, tourism activities. However, going abroad needs certain formalities to be fulfilled. Passport is essential and simultaneously the person needs to procure visa documents. 

Visa Application Process for Indian living in Ludhiana city, Punjab state, India

Applying for visa from India to go to Vietnam can be accomplished with the aid of the following methods:-

Method 1

The applicant needs to apply for the visa by visiting the Vietnam consulate in person. There he will be guided by the embassy staff, will be provided with information to do the paperwork. The applicant is required to bring all the travel related documents for doing all the formalities. 

The applicant is required to visit the embassy office again to procure the visa.

Method 2

In this method the individual needs to apply online for visa documents. He needs to visit the relevant website, fill an application form and then submit it. In the back end the application is processed and a visa approval letter is generated in the name of the person concerned. A digital copy of this letter is emailed to the applicant and the later is to download that copy, make a print of it and then visit the nearest consulate along with the print. In this method you can obtain the visa on payment of the requisite fees.

Visa on Arrival Vietnam for Indian living in Ludhiana city, Punjab state, India

If you are travelling by air then you can take the visa approval letter to the Vietnam International Airport and then procure your visa from there.

Types of Visa


There is the Vietnam visa for tourism purposes. It has duration of only one month.


For business purposes, visa is provided. The maximum duration for which such visa documents are provided is 6 months.


In case the transit visa is availed, the people applying for such documents will be considered as tourists. Such visa is provided for a maximum period of 5 days, after which the tourists are expected to depart from that country.

There are numerous websites from where interested people can get relevant information about travelling to Vietnam. The place is exotic and has a number of reputed tourism destinations. Therefore, it is ideal for Indian tourists especially from Ludhiana. Besides, tourism, the place is visited for business purposes. There are a number of offices of important MNCs in that country making it ideal for Indian professionals to embark on business trips there.

The Significance of applying Visa Online

It is important to mention that applying visa via the web is the best method as it is simple and does not involve hours of waiting at the visa office. Therefore, the next time you are contemplating about your visit to that country, the first thing that you require to do is to visit the Vietnam embassy website, make the payment that includes the service fee and then procure your approval letter within a specified time.

In case you do not receive the letter within the specified time then it is required on your part to inform the consulate office immediately. People from all across India are displaying their urge for visiting the country and the city of Ludhiana is no exception in this regard.

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