Requirements for Uruguayan getting visa Vietnam

Uruguay passport holders are required visa for getting in Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, There is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Uruguay & Embassy of Vietnam in countries close to Uruguay if you want to go : Argentina, Brazil & Venezuela

- Best way for Uruguay citizen to get visa Vietnam without going embassy : Apply for visa on arrival Vietnam.

Does Uruguayan citizens require visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Yes, the residents occupying the nationality of Uruguay fundamentally necessitate a valid Visa in order to penetrate into the limits of Vietnam. Uruguay, prevalently known as East Republic of Uruguay is a prestigious nation of South America. Being comprised of varied forms of culture and tradition, Uruguay establishes itself as an independent democratic nation. Vietnam, being a physically distinctive country offers significant opportunities for the Uruguayan citizens to enjoy some leisure time and explore this historic place. Both the countries share amazing relationship of mutual friendship with each other.

This exceptional connection between Uruguay and Vietnam has experienced various wide margins with the progression of time. The most highlighted development between both the countries is the bilateral relation of economic cooperation which has resulted in huge relocation of individuals from Uruguay to Vietnam for further growth. They by and large like to visit Vietnam to investigate the picturesque magnificence of this sublime place and get certain measure of serenity. Not just this, Vietnam also offers a huge stage for the individuals to extend their trade, for advanced level of studies and other different purposes because of which individuals of Uruguay in colossal masses go to Vietnam consistently. 

Significant Requirements – 

Taking a look at the expanded tourist exercises in Vietnam, it has become a compulsion for the natives of different nations to get a legitimate Vietnam Visa by Government of Vietnam to ensure their convenient visit. This law may not be substantial for all the nations. In any case, the nationals of Uruguay are basically needed to get a legitimate Vietnam Visa approved by the Immigration Department to reside with convenience in Vietnam. The preeminent thing basically needed to acquire the Visa is a substantial travel permit/ passport with at least two empty pages. This stamped Visa can be effortlessly acquired by two prominent sources which includes Vietnam Embassy as well as travel organizations. 

Uruguay: Visa Exempted nation or not? 

There are a few nations whose nationals don't need to obtain a Vietnam visa for their successful stay in Vietnam for some particular days. Moreover, with the expiry of these exempted days, they additionally require to get the Visa stamped in order to expand their stay. Uruguay, in particular is not considered under the class of Visa exempted nations as per the norms of Vietnamese government. Some huge nations which are deployed with this kind of Visa exemption include: 

  • Myanmar- 14 
  • Brunei- 14  
  • Norway- 15 
  • Denmark- 15 
  • Finland- 15  
  • Russia- 15 
  • Sweden- 15 
  • Japan- 15  
  • Cambodia- 30 
  • Indonesia- 30 
  • Singapore- 30  
  • Thailand- 30 
  • Laos- 30 
  • Malaysia- 30 
  • Philippines- 21 

Measures of Visa Application – 

The locals of Uruguay are left with two significant measures of applying for the Vietnam Visa including online and offline. The online measure of applying for visa includes authorized travel agents who provide significant Approval letter to acquire Visa. This service of online application is especially implied for those residents who go to Vietnam via air. Moreover, the other medium of applying offline includes direct submission at nearest Vietnam Embassy. Particularly talking about nationals of Uruguay, they are not accessible with Vietnam Embassy. Rather they can visit the nearby country where the Embassy is accessible. 

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