Requirements for Sudanese getting visa Vietnam

Sudan Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Sudan & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Sudan if you want to go : Egypt & Saudi Arabia

- Best way for Sudan citizen to get Vietnam visa without going embassy : Apply for visa on arrival then pick-up visa at international airports of Vietnam

Does Sudan citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not? We would like to inform you that Sudan passport holders are required Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam, known for its extensively diverse topography has territory covered with mountains, hills, coastal lines, deltas, and continental shelf. All these features of the country indicate the stretched history of formation of topography and geology in different seasons and sturdily weathered environment. Other than that, the soil and land is highly fertile and therefore caters positive conditions for sustained growth of forestry and agriculture. The country is of great significance from historical point of view thus attracts a large number of tourists all year around. The rich and age-long culture of Vietnam is strongly related to the history of development and formation of the entire nation. 

In order to get in Vietnam, almost residents of every country require Vietnam visa. The government of Vietnam has made it mandatory for the reason that it will contribute to the advancement of country’s economy to a great extent. There are two chief methods through which you can get Vietnam visa as:

1. Directly apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy, or

2. Apply online for visa on arrival. 

If you are a citizen of Sudan and you go with the first option, you need to apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Egypt as there is no Vietnam embassy to be found in Sudan and Egypt is the nearest country to Sudan where you can apply for Vietnam visa.  

1. Visit Vietnam embassy in Egypt (it is the nearest country to Sudan ): 

Another option to get Vietnam visa for nationals of Sudan is they can apply for the same at Vietnam embassy located in Cairo, Egypt. For this, you will have to visit in person the Vietnam embassy in case you do not need the visa urgently. It takes 4 to 5 working days to process your request and grant you with Vietnam visa. You will have to present you Sudan passport that must be valid upto 6 months minimally along with two passport sized photos. With this method, you will have your visa ready before you board on plane. 

2. Apply online for visa on arrival:

This option is ideal for those people who are frequent travelers and do not have time to apply via Vietnam embassy. It comes with manifold advantages as there is no need to send original passport. All you need to do is just complete the online process and it is done in only a short period of time. Afterwards, you will be provided with an approval letter. When you will present the same in your arrival at Vietnam international airport, you will be granted with your Vietnam visa. Apart from that, you do not have to deal with the immigration department. It is a perfect alternative for those who stay far from the Vietnam embassy or there is no embassy located in their country. If you are in a hurry and need Vietnam visa urgently, this is the best choice for you. 

Choose the one of the above option as per your requirements and needs. 

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