Requirements for Serbian getting visa Vietnam

Serbia Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Serbia & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Serbia if you want to go : Hungary, Romanian & Bulgaria

- Best way for Serbian citizens to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Does Serbian citizens require visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Serbians are required visa for getting in to visit Vietnam

Serbia, a country where diverse faiths, civilizations, landscapes, cultures and climate mingle with each other to create a great significance. Basically, it is situated at the heart of Balkan Peninsula in south east region of Europe. A number of times, the country have been the center of attraction before the entire world due to its rich culture and glorious past. The nation is naturally landscaped with well-preserved forestry, caves, mountains and canyons.  It is known for its cultural, traditional, entertainment and sports events held throughout the year with great enthusiasm and joy. The natural habitat and rich culture of the country matches with that of Vietnam also. That is why the Serbian citizens travel a lot to Vietnam thusly strengthening the relationship between the two nations. 

This extraordinary relationship between Serbia and Vietnam has experienced various a phases with the progression of time. The movement of individuals from Serbia to Vietnam is consistently expanding. They by and large like to visit Vietnam keeping in mind the end goal to investigate the picturesque magnificence of this eminent place and acquire certain measure of peace and serenity. Not just this, Vietnam offers a noteworthy stage for the individuals to grow their business, for higher studies and different purposes because of which individuals of Serbia in tremendous masses go to Vietnam consistently. 

Critical Requirement – 

Taking a gander at the expanded traveler exercises in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Government has made it obligatory for subjects of different nations to acquire a legitimate Vietnam Visa for their agreeable traveling in Vietnam. This law is not substantial for all the nations. Nonetheless, the nationals of Serbia are basically needed to get a legitimate Vietnam Visa proffered by Immigration Department for staying in Vietnam. The premier thing that is basically needed to get the Visa is a substantial travel permit with least two empty pages. The Visa can be effortlessly gotten by two huge sources counting the Vietnamese Embassy and travel organizations. 

Serbia: whether exempted from Vietnam visa or not?

There are a few nations whose natives don't oblige procuring a Vietnam visa to enjoy stay of particular number of days. Notwithstanding, after the unwinding time of these particular days, they likewise basically oblige Visa stamp to amplify stay of them in Vietnam further. Serbia, especially don't go under the classification of Visa exempted nations as per the regulations of Vietnamese Government. A portion of the huge nations that have been given this kind of Visa unwinding include: 

Brunei and Myanmar- 14 days; Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Japan, and Sweden-15 days, Philippines- 21 days; Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Kyrgyzstan- 30 days 

Methods of Visa Application – 

Both online and also logged off medium of petitioning Vietnam Visa are accessible for the locals of Serbia. The online mode in order to apply for Vietnam visa includes outer travel organizations by means of which authorization letter for Vietnam visa is easy to acquire. This online application administration is especially implied for those subjects who go to Vietnam via air. In any case, the other medium of logged off application includes applying straightforwardly through Vietnamese Embassy. If there should be an occurrence of Serbia, there is no Vietnam Embassy accessible; the individuals can visit the close-by Vietnamese embassy in the nearest country to Serbia. 

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