Requirements for Qatari getting visa Vietnam

Qatar Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Qatar in person at location as below:

- Address: Villa No. 8 (Near Saha 109 street), West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Qatar
- Website :

2/ Or if you don't want to go to embassy location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Do Qatar citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Yes, the citizens of Qatar need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Vietnam and Qatar share good diplomatic and political relationships. There are strong growth prospects in their relation resulting in citizens of Qatar being interested in visiting Vietnam and vice-versa. But, they haven’t agreed upon reciprocal visa exemptions. Hence, citizens of Qatar have to procure a visa to visit Vietnam. However, due to the good bilateral relations there are a few exceptions that are mentioned below.

1) Qatari citizens possessing diplomatic or official passport do not need to apply for a visa, provided the stay is limited to 90 days. If these officials have to stay longer, they will have to apply for a visa.

2) Qatari citizens that are spouse or children of Vietnamese citizens can apply for a visa exemption, once the process is complete and the exemption is applicable, it can last up to duration of 5 years.

3) Children who are under the age of 14 years and share a passport with their parents are exempt from applying for a visa, but if they have a separate passport, they will have to apply for a visa.

4) A Qatar based Vietnamese citizen can be exempt from applying for a visa for duration of 5 years once the documents have been submitted and verified.

5) To boost tourism in Vietnam, a visa exemption is also applicable for the Qatari citizen planning to visit the beautiful Phu Quoc islands. However, if you wish to explore beyond the islands or if the stay lasts longer than 30 days, you will have to apply for a visa.

The exceptions that are listed above are a few important ones among a longer list which is elaborated in the Vietnam Visa Policy. Before applying for visa, the applicants are requested to get acquainted with these exemptions as those will help you with the process of application. If you cannot apply for exemptions, you will have to apply for a visa, there are two ways of doing the same. You may apply through the Vietnam embassy or by VOA with help of agencies like our own. 

Getting an embassy visa:

The process of applying for a visa for Qatari citizens has become easier because of the presence of a Vietnam embassy in Qatar. The applicants have to submit the duly filled application form with colored photo, original passport and the processing fee. If the applicant wishes that the documents should be delivered to their place they would have to submit a prepaid envelope as well.  These documents can be submitted in person or by mail. Once the documents are submitted the process is completed in around 5 working days.

Getting a VOA:

If the visit to Vietnam would be via airways an alternate and easier method is available i.e. Visa on Arrival. This method is not only simple but also economical. By this method a visa can be obtained with 2-3 days. The reason for preferring this method is that no documents have to be submitted for initiating the process.

How to get Vietnam visa in Qatar?

There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for your Vietnam visa in a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate:

You can come in person to the Vietnam embassy in your country and you will be instructed step by step on how to apply for a Vietnam visa there. By this way, you have to come directly to the Vietnam embassy at least two times. The first time you come there is to submit required documents and the second one coming there is to get your Vietnam visa.

You may want to refer to the contact information of the Vietnam embassy in Qatar as below:

Embassy of Vietnam in Qatar

Address: Villa No. 8 (Near Saha 109 street), West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Qatar.

P.O.Box: 23595 Doha, Qatar.

Telephone: (+974) 4412 8480; 4412 8365; 4412 8366

Consular section: (+974) 4412 8993

Fax: (+974) 4412 8370

Email 1:

Email 2:

Website :

2.  Apply online to obtain an approval letter to pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airports (in case you travel by air to Vietnam)

Please click here for Vietnam visa inquiry.

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