Requirements for Papua New Guinean getting visa Vietnam

Papua New Guinea Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Papua New Guinea & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Papua New Guinea if you want to go : Australia, Philippines, Indonesia & Brunei

- Best way for Papua New Guinean citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Does Papua New Guinean citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Yes, the citizens belonging to the nationality of Papua New Guinea essentially require a genuine Visa to enter the limits of Vietnam. Vietnam being an exceptionally beautiful country becomes the most favorite tourist destination for people across the world. Its eye catching scenery, exotic nature and tranquil atmosphere become the major captivating feature for its outstanding widespread popularity. The citizens of Papua New Guinean nationality are also captivated with the impeccable beauty of Vietnam due to which they travel to Vietnam more frequently for various purpose. 

Mutual relations between the two countries –

There exists an extremely cordial and familiar diplomatic relations between the two countries. They enjoy this effective friendly relation with each other since 1989 by signing a mutual communication. Both the countries possess various common collaborations of multilateral forums including the UN and the ASEAN. Some of the major multilateral frameworks which are shared by both the countries include trading, rice cultivation and various other fields. 

Why Visa is required?

Looking at the increased foreign tourist activities in Vietnam over the past several years, the government of Vietnam along with its immigration department has made it mandatory for every foreign visitor to carry a valid legal visa while entering the precincts of Vietnam. This law has been created to ensure effective economic growth of the country. The native citizens of Papua New Guinea also belong to the category of foreign visitors due to which they are required to carry a genuine Vietnam visa issued by the immigration department of Vietnam. The immigration department of Vietnam is the major lawful authority for issuing the visas to foreign visitors. 

Check out the eligibility for Visa – 

The foreign citizens including the citizens of Papua New Guinea are required to apply for the Vietnam visa to obtain it before their visit.  However prior to applying, they are essentially required to check their eligibility for visa requirement. They should primarily ensure from a valid source whether they require carrying a Visa or not. They can also check out the list of countries which have been exempted by the Vietnamese government for some specific number of days to carry a visa. 

Countries not liable to Vietnam Visa – 

There are several countries whose citizens do not require any kind of visa to enter the limits of Vietnam for some specific number of days according to the Vietnamese government. The list of countries along with specified number of days stay has been given here under:

• Brunei (14 days exemption)

• Myanmar (14 days exemption)

• South Korea (15 days exemption)

• Japan (15 days exemption)

• Russia (15 days exemption)

• Denmark (15 days exemption)

• Sweden (15 days exemption) 

• Finland (15 days exemption)

• Norway (15 days exemption)

• Philippines (21 days exemption)

• Laos (30 days exemption)

• Thailand (30 days exemption)

• Cambodia (30 days exemption) 

• Singapore (30 days exemption)

• Malaysia (30 days exemption)

• Indonesia (30 days exemption)  

Particularly talking about the citizens of Papua New Guinea, they are required to apply for Vietnam Visa for their comfortable visit. 

Significant Ways of application – 

Highly convenient and easy ways of visa application are available for Papua New Guinean citizens who include applying physically through Vietnam Embassy and online application through travel agencies

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