Requirements for Palestinian getting visa Vietnam

Palestine Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Palestine & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Palestine if you want to go : Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq & Kuwait

- Best way for a citizen of Palestine to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting Vietnam visa on arrival

Does a Palestine citizen require visa for entering Vietnam or not ?

Like most of the Middle Eastern citizen a citizen of Palestine also needs to show a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Any Palestine passport holder can apply for a tourist evisa to Vietnam or a business e-visa to Vietnam via the Vietnam Immigration Department. These evisa’s are known as Vietnam visa on arrival and they are designed in a simple and easy way so that the applicants can get the Vietnam visa easily. 

Nations that are exempted from the necessity of Vietnam visa

Some accompanying nations are allowed to visit Vietnam with no visa but for a limited period of time. 

• Any citizen of South Korea, Japan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark can visit Vietnam without a visa for 15 days. A visa is a must if they wish to stay there for more than 15 days. Once they leave they must come back to Vietnam after 30 days to enjoy the visa free policy once again. If they plan to return before 30 days then a visa is mandatory.

• Citizens of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia can visit Vietnam without a visa for 30days.

• People of Philippines can visit Vietnam without visa for 21 days.

• Visa is free for the citizens of Brunei, Myanmar for 14 days in Vietnam.

Types of evisa’s

Vietnam visa for the Palestine citizens are mainly of two types. A tourist evisa is designed for the travelers of Palestine who are going to Vietnam in order to visit family or friends in Vietnam or simply to travel. On the other hand the business evisa are for those people who are visiting Vietnam in order to do business, travel or work. People can apply either for a single or multiple entries. 

A single entry evisa means you can come to Vietnam only once during the validity period. As soon as you get out of Vietnam your visa will be regarded as cancelled. On the other hand multiple visas allow you to enter and exit as many times as you want till your visa is valid. A business purpose Vietnam visa is valid for 1 or 3 or 6 months and a travel purpose visa is valid for 1 month. 

Vietnam evisa requirements

Before applying for a Vietnam visa in Palestine make sure that you have the following things handy-

• A passport with 3 months of validity

• One blank page of the passport

• A valid email address to receive the approval letter

• Online payment gateways like PayPal, Master or Visa card and 2 passport size photos required at the Vietnam airport

• US dollar to pay the visa fee at the airport

Ways to get a Vietnam visa form Palestine

There are two ways of getting a Vietnam visa.

• Getting visa from the Vietnam Embassy- At present there is no Vietnam Embassy at Palestine. So, you can look for the other nearest country to get a visa through the Vietnam Consulate.

• Get Vietnam visa on arrival- This is the most convenient way of getting the Vietnam visa. In this method the visa is handed over to you at the Vietnam airport once you furnish the required documents and pay the stamping fee. 

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