Requirements for New Caledonian getting visa Vietnam

New Caledonia Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in New Caledonia & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to New Caledonia if you want to go : New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines & Brunei

- Best way for New Caledonia citizen to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for Getting visa on arrival Vietnam

Does New Caledonian citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Yes, New Caledonian citizens need visa for entering Vietnam. Since their country New Caledonia is not the part of the exemption lists of Vietnam, so each and every passport holder of New Caledonia is required to get visa in order to enter the boundary of Vietnam. A citizen of New Caledonia needs to contact the embassy of Vietnam or the travel agency to apply for a visa Vietnam. The legal body responsible for issuing the visa is Immigration department of Vietnam. Only the immigration department has the sole right to issue visa which can be received from the embassy of Vietnam or visa on arrival at any of the international airports of Vietnam.

The country New Caledonia is not included in the exemption list so the citizens had to apply for visa to visit Vietnam.

Let’s see what the exemption lists shows about the various countries visa free service.

The countries given below are allowed to enter Vietnam without visa. Visa free service to these countries is for a limited amount of time (in days).

 A citizen gets complete 15 days in Vietnam without visa, if he/she belongs to- Sweden Finland, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Brunei, South Korea and Japan.

 A citizen gets complete 30 days in Vietnam without visa, if he/she belongs to- Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia.

 A citizen gets complete 21 days in Vietnam without visa, if he/she belongs to Philippines. 

 A citizen gets complete 12 days in Vietnam without visa, if he/she belongs to- Brunei and Myanmar.

What is the purpose of visit?

Purpose can be many, but to visit Vietnam and if your country is not the part of exemption lists you have get visa. Vietnam visa is one of the prime things along with the passport to carry while visiting Vietnam. 

The purpose can be related to business or visiting family. In both the cases a citizen of New Caledonia need to have a visa which him/her.


• Business meeting

• Events or Organizers

• Exhibitions or Trade fairs

• Seminars and Symposia

• Product launch

• Visiting family, relatives or friends

• Tour and travels

What fee you pay?

 When applying for a Vietnam visa the citizens of New Caledonia has to pay two types of fees. The two types of fees are given below

Service fee-

The service fee is paid when you are applying for a visa.

Stamp fee-

The stamp fee you pay at the time of the arrival at any of the international airports of Vietnam by showing your approval letter with your passport to the legal authorities that will hand you the visa. Also for non air travelers they have to collect their visa from the embassy showing the approval letter and paying the stamp fee.

Immigration department of Vietnam

The sole authority that issue Vietnam visa is the immigration department of Vietnam. The department has right to issue as well cancel the visa. If the whole process is found legal then the authority issues the visa. But if any how they find that you have provided inappropriate information regarding yourself and do not match with your passport information they straight away cancel your visa. 

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