Requirements for Kazakh getting visa Vietnam

Kazakhstan Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Kazakhstan & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Kazakhstan if you want to go : Pakistan, Iraq & Ukraine

- Best way for Kazakhstan Citizens to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival Vietnam

Does Kazakhstan Citizens Need Visa For Entering Vietnam or Not?

Yes, citizens of Kazakhstan are required to obtain Visa in order to enter Vietnam. Vietnam offers easy Visa application process for all travelers. There are some countries which enjoy Visa exemption in Vietnam but only for a limited period. However, citizens of Kazakhstan are required to obtain Visa in order to enjoy free travel in Vietnam. There are two simple ways in which any traveler who is a citizen of Kazakhstan or holds a Kazakhstan passport can obtain Visa to Vietnam. He can either contact the embassy in Vietnam for application process or get in touch with a travel agent in Vietnam to apply for Visa on Arrival.

In order to apply through the embassy, any traveler who is a citizen of Kazakhstan or holds a Kazakhstan passport will have to visit the Embassy of Vietnam personally. He will be required to fill up forms for Visa application and submit it along with two passports sized photographs, one self-addressed envelope and his original passport. These documents will be submitted at the embassy and forwarded ahead by postal mail. If you are applying through the embassy you will have to wait for a few days before you get the Visa. Along with the documents, you will also be required to submit the Visa fees, which can be paid to the embassy by way of money order or cashier’s cheque.

However, if you live in an area which is far away from the embassy location, applying through the embassy may not be the ideal option. In such a case, you can apply for Visa on Arrival. In order to apply for Visa on Arrival, you will have to get in touch with a travel agent based in Vietnam to help you fill up the online application. This online application is processed in a couple of days and you will be issued a letter of approval by the Vietnamese Immigration authority. Your travel agent can collect this letter of approval on your behalf and have it sent to you.

You can travel with this letter of approval and other necessary documents. On reaching Vietnam, you can submit this letter of approval at the Visa on Arrival counter of the airport you arrive in. You will also be required to submit the Visa stamping fees along with the documents to collect your Visa. The Visa on Arrival document holds the same value as the fully stamped Visa you would receive from the embassy and will offer you all the facilities and place you under the same restrictions as the embassy document would.

The Visa on Arrival is an easy and convenient process which will consume less of your time and energy. While the embassy procedure allows you to get a fully stamped Visa before your departure to Visa, it is more time consuming. You will also have to travel several times to the embassy location till the process is complete. Also, your original passport will be forwarded by postal mail to concerned authorities from the embassy. There are high chances of loss of these documents in case of misplacement of mail. So, more and more people prefer the Visa on Arrival facility. It is to be noted that the Visa on Arrival facility does not require original passport during the application process.

How to get Vietnam visa in Kazakhstan?

There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for your Vietnam visa in a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate:

You can come in person to the Vietnam embassy in your country and you will be instructed step by step on how to apply for a Vietnam visa there. By this way, you have to come directly to the Vietnam embassy at least two times. The first time you come there is to submit required documents and the second one coming there is to get your Vietnam visa.

We are pleased to give you the contact information of the Vietnam embassy in Kazakhstan as below to help you contact easier:

Embassy of Vietnam in Kazakhstan

Address: "Arman" Business Center, 6 Sary-Arka street, Astana, R. Kazakhstan

Telephone: + 7 (7172) 66 03 75

Fax: + 7 (7172) 66 03 79

Email :

Website :

2.  Apply online to obtain an approval letter to pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airports (in case you travel by air to Vietnam) 

Please click here for Vietnam visa inquiry.

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