Requirements for Belizean getting visa Vietnam

Belize Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

There're 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam : 1/ Apply visa at embassy & 2/ Apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

- Unfortunately, No embassy of Vietnam in Belize & Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Belize if you want to go : Cuba, Panama & Mexico

- Best way for Belizean citizen to get visa for Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam

Does Belizean citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not? 

Yes, the nationals owning the citizenship of Belize do necessarily require an effective Vietnam visa to enjoy a memorable tour of this particular place. Its outstanding scenic beauty and amazing atmosphere captivates the attention of visitors from all over the world. Looking at the increased tourist activities prevailing over the years in Vietnam, the existing government of Vietnam decided to make it mandatory for foreign visitors to hold a valid visa in their hands while entering the precincts of Vietnam. This wise step of Vietnamese government proved to be beneficial for the effective economic growth of the country. The significant results of its growth can be observed in their effective mutual relations existing with various nations. 

Mutual coordination between Vietnam and Belize

Both Vietnam and Belize share an outstanding bilateral relationship with each other in terms of mutual coordination. They both enjoy significant opportunities of effective trade and economic cooperation with each other. It is due to the existence of peaceful relations between both the countries, that most of the citizens of Belize, generally travel to Vietnam for spending a quality weekend or holiday time. The frequency of Belizean citizens visiting to Vietnam has been continuously increasing with the passage of time due to which they are essentially required to own a significant Vietnam visa. 

Eligibility criteria for applying Vietnam visa

In order to apply for a Vietnam Visa, the applicants must hold a valid citizenship of Belize. They are primarily required to check whether they are required to own a visa or not from an authentic resource. This step is essentially required because the government of Vietnam has exempted certain countries from holding a visa for a particular time limit. Besides this, they can opt for any significant source of applying for the Visa including the Vietnamese consulate of Embassy and authentic travel agencies. 

Visa exempted countries – 

The Vietnamese government has made it mandatory for the citizens of more than 70 countries to hold a valid visa. However, there are several countries which have been exempted from this mandatory visa requirement for some particular time duration. Some of the major countries which have been exempted by Vietnamese government along with number of days exempted include: 

• Myanmar- 14 days

• Brunei – 14 days

• Japan – 15 days

• South Korea – 15 days

• Denmark – 15 days

• Russia – 15 days

• Sweden – 15 days

• Norway – 15 days

• Finland – 15 days

• Philippines – 21 days

• Thailand – 30 days

• Laos – 30 days

• Cambodia – 30 days

• Indonesia – 30 days

• Singapore – 30 days

• Malaysia – 30 days 

The Belizean citizens do not belong to this list of exempted countries. They have to obtain a valid visa for visiting Vietnam. 

Sources of Visa Application:

Two distinctive sources of visa application are available for the Belizean citizens to apply successfully for a Vietnamese visa which include the Vietnamese consulate or Embassy and Online travel agents. In case of Vietnam Embassy, the citizens of Belize are unfortunate as they do not own a Vietnamese Embassy in their own country. They can either opt for the Vietnam Embassy available in their nearby country which is Cuba or they can opt for online application and travel Vietnam via means of air.  

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