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Half your problem is solved when you have a visa expert who can get you your visa on arrival. Only a few people get this lucky when traveling to Vietnam as there is always a little trouble with the administrative work and finding an expert traveling agent who can get you a solid visa is all the hassle.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 03:34

Options for applying Vietnamese visa online

Are you planning to move to Vietnam and wondering about getting visa? If yes, then you must know that it is not very difficult to get Vietnam visa now. If you want to avoid the lengthy procedure of getting the Visa then you should try getting visa-on arrival. This is legal process to get visa and is approved by the Immigration department of Vietnam. So you can pick up the visa at Vietnam international airport as well. 

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 03:29

Visa online for Vietnam is opened now

If you have a valid passport which is stamped prior to the departure then you can obtain an entry visa for the place you want to go. Many years ago, if you wanted to go to Vietnam, you had to apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country. However, an entry visa is difficult to arrange if the Vietnam Embassy is not approached in a particular manner. To avoid procedural delays, which happens sometimes with approval of visa at embassies outside Vietnam, you can apply online before your arrival to Vietnam. 

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Monday, 27 August 2012 02:51

Getting an online visa for Vietnam

In case you are planning on visiting Vietnam and do not have enough spare time to visit the embassy and stand in a long queue then the answer to your dilemma is to order a visa to Vietnam from an online site. Getting visa from an online site is very easy and convenient. Travel agents in Vietnam can help you in arranging a pre-approved letter for your visa. You will get the visa upon arrival at any international airport in Vietnam.

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It is very essential to have a visa when travelling to any country overseas. It is not difficult at all to get a visa these days as the visa offices complete the entire proceedings within a maximum time of fifteen days. This is applicable for almost all the nations including Vietnam. Vietnam visa is very easy to get provided  that the person gives all the correct papers to the visa offices.

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