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Embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan

Embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan

  • - Address: Rashidov Str. 100 Tashkent 700084, Uzbekistan
  • - Telephone : (9987) 1134 0393 or 11344 541 or 1134 0393
  • - Fax : (9987) 1120 6265 or 1120 6556
  • - Email :
  • -

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Some information and procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan 

Citizens of Uzbekistan should know about the procedure of getting the visa at embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan. Some of the information and procedures are explained below that will help you to procure visa at the embassy in Vietnam.

You can get a visa at Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate where you can use the Embassy Visa Service by applying online to get the approval letter. This letter should be taken to the Vietnam embassy and submit along with the documents and stamp fees and get the Vietnam visa on the spot. You should know that this type of approval letter in not allowed for people travelling by sea to Vietnam.

While taking the visa you have to pay the following fees

• Service fee – for arranging your approval letter

• Stamping fee – which has to be paid in their currency on your arrival at the airport for getting the Vietnam visa

• And valid passport for at least six months

Once you get the stamped visa on arrival then you have the legal right to move about in Vietnam.

There are almost 70 countries where the Vietnam embassy or their representatives have been placed. You can verify through the internet to get the detailed information about Vietnam embassy at their site . They will provide you as well as guide you how to get Visa from Vietnam. You will also come to know how to procure visa and find out which could be the best way to get the visa either by applying at the embassy or apply for visa on arrival at Vietnam.

The following documents are required when you go to the Vietnam embassy are 

• The original valid passport

• Photos

• Fees as required by the embassy

• The major advantage is you don’t have to wait in queue at the airport. 

• Visa on arrival is an alternative way to get visa for Vietnam, wherein you have to fill Online Application Form by paying the service fee. Then you will get the visa approval letter within 2 working days at the destined airport. The copy of the mail will be sent to the Vietnam immigration checkpoints at international airports only. When you reach the Vietnam airport the immigration officer will have the required documents ready and after counter checking your documents they will be able to issue you entry visa immediately. It takes almost 4 to 5 working days

In Vietnam, the visa application needs to be submitted at the visa application center in Ho Chi Minh City. It should be remembered that only Vietnamese and foreigners with legal residency permit in Vietnam can apply for a visa at the visa application center in Vietnam.

The other mode of application for the citizens of Uzbekistan is by making an application through a travel agent in Uzbekistan or through online process as mentioned above.

For those who wish to make an application for a visa on arrival are

It is valid for those travelling by air only. 

Visa on arrival is more convenient for those who stay far away from Vietnam Consulate or Vietnam embassy in Italy and who are not interested in sending their passports.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Uzbekistan ?

Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Address: Rashidov Str. 100 Tashkent 700084, Uzbekistan

Telephone : (9987) 1134 0393 or 11344 541 or 1134 0393

Fax : (9987) 1120 6265 or 1120 6556

Email :


Complete Name: Republic of Uzbekistan

Native Name: O‘zbekiston


Capital: Toshkent

Principal Cities : Toshkent, Namangan, Samarqand, Andijon, Nukus, Buxoro, Qarshi, Qu'qon, Farg'ona, Marg'ilon.

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