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Embassy of Vietnam in Tuvalu

- No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Tuvalu

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Tuvalu : New Zealand, Australia & Japan

- Way to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for visa on arrival Vietnam

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Tuvalu

Vietnam has been developing relations with countries to improve tourism and trade. Vietnam has developed strong relations with 170 countries. Vietnam and Tuvalu share good diplomatic relations but have not entered into bilateral exemptions from applying for a visa, making it compulsory for Tuvaluan citizens to get a visa before entering Vietnam. The process of getting a visa and the exemptions are detailed out in the Vietnam Visa Policy. There are a few exemptions applicable to Tuvaluan citizen. Some of those may be applicable to you, so you should understand and take advantage of those. But if those exemptions do not apply to you, get a visa either by approaching an embassy, which is the conventional route, or take the easier route and apply for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) with the help of agencies like us.

Applying for an embassy visa:

Traditionally people have been approaching the embassies to get a visa but the problem with Tuvalu is that it does not have a Vietnam embassy making it difficult for the citizens to get an embassy visa. 

1) First select a Vietnam embassy in the neighboring countries where you would like to apply. There are Vietnamese embassies in nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, etc. You should understand the procedures of different countries and select the one that suits you best. A complete list of Vietnam embassies all around the globe is available at their website.

2) It is unrealistic to visit a new country just to get a visa. So you should apply to an embassy that accepts application via post. You may check if they accept online applications and then you may take a print out.

3) Affix a colored photo on the application form. Arrange the required documents and passport with the application. Send this to the embassy along with the processing fee and a prepaid envelope so that the visa can be sent to you by post. Selecting a reliable postal service is important as you will have to trust them with your documents. There are many postal services that allow tracking of packages.

4) After accepting the application form, visa will be processed within 5-7 days. You will have to consider extra time taken by the postal service.

5) Once the visa arrives, check that all the details are correct, if not contact the embassy.

6) This visa is valid for all routes of travel- air, water and land.

Getting an embassy visa is a tedious and expensive process. There is a better alternative to the process; you may go for a VOA. We can help you to make the process as fast as possible. The entire process is based online and documentation free. The majority of the communication is taken care of by us. The only thing to remember is that the route is applicable only for air travel, for other routes, like water or land, apply for an embassy visa. Hence, if you want to get an easy and economical process apply for a VOA through an agency like ours. 

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