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Embassy of Vietnam in Togo

- No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Togo

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Togo : Nigeria

- Way to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for visa on arrival (then getting visa at airport of Vietnam)

Note :

Please apply online for visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration with sponsor from a travel company in Vietnam then you are able to get visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Togo

Vietnam has maintained strong inter personal relations with 170 plus nations on the global map and has found embassies in 70 countries in the world to encourage tourism, trade, and business between Vietnam and these nations. Togo, too, has stayed in a symbiotic and friendly relationship with Vietnam for years. However, Togo, as if now, does not have an established Vietnam embassy. 

The Vietnamese visa policy asks the Togo citizens to obtain a valid visa for starting on any trip to Vietnam. It has, although, given several privileges to the Togo people that help them to enjoy a visa free stay for some time. For example, Togo diplomatic passport holders can make a journey of up to 90 days, without any visa, to Vietnam. Hence, before starting the visa process, enquire about such exemption rules. Usually, the first visa providing authority in a country is the embassy but since Togo does not have any Vietnam embassy, the residents have to work a little more towards obtaining a visa.

Applying for an embassy visa:

1) First, the residents need to find a Vietnam embassy in any of the neighboring nations that can process their visa. One can locate an embassy in, Angola, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, etc. It is advisable to get in touch with the embassy first to know about their processing fee, time frames etc.

2) It is unrealistic to go to a different nation to get a visa for an altogether different country. It will be too tiring and costly. Hence, you can apply for a visa, via a good postal service. You may also check if the embassy approves online applications.

3) Once that is done, you may visit the website and download the application form made available. You may also fill the form online and then print it.

4) Affix a colored photo to this form. Make sure that the dimension of the image is as per the requirement. Arrange the necessary documents and your passport that needs to be submitted along with the application to make it successful. Send this to the embassy office along with the processing fee via post. Hire for a professional post that allows you to track the application. 

5) The application form, will be accepted after being verified and will give you your visa in the next 3 to 5 working days.

6) Send a pre paid envelope to the office along with your address so that the visa can be send to you. 

7) Once you have the visa, check the information to avoid any issues later on.

8) This visa will allow you to visit Vietnam through any preferred route. 

In addition to the embassy visa, Togo residents who will be taking air trips to Vietnam can opt for a visa on arrival (VOA). This is an easier, speedier, and more economical process. We can help you in arranging VOAs in the least possible turnaround time frame. The entire process is online based and is free from documentation. Hence, simply register for a VOA with us, relax, and enjoy a wonderful trip to Vietnam.

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