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Embassy of Vietnam in Sierra Leone

- NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Sierra Leone

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Sierra Leone : Nigeria, Algeria & Morocco

- Way to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival Vietnam

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Sierra Leone

Vietnam has allowed only seventeen nations to enjoy a visa free stay so far and Sierra Leone is not on this list. Hence, for every citizen in Sierra Leone who is planning to go on a trip to Vietnam, a valid visa is a necessity. Vietnam, however maintains a democratic relation with over 172 countries in the world and hence in spite of needing a visa, people do get to benefit from several visa exemptions explained under the Vietnam Visa Policy. You may contact the embassy for details on the exemption criteria.

An embassy is the highest official body that grants visas to applicants moving to other nations. However, when it comes to Sierra Leone, the citizens do not have the advantage of an embassy. Vietnam has not established its official embassy in Sierra Leone. Hence, the citizens need to take a slightly different path for obtaining a visa.

1) Since there is no embassy here, as an applicant, you will have to approach the Vietnam embassy located in some other nation. For example, there are Vietnam embassies in Algeria, Libya, and Nigeria etc. You will need to contact one of these embassies to process your request for visa. 

2) Since you cannot visit an embassy located in another nation, you will have to complete the entire documentation through a registered postal service. This will add to your time and cost, hence plan the trip accordingly.

3) You can obtain the application form from the website. You may fill the form online or you may simply download it. You must contact the embassy to find out whether they accept online applications or not. This will lessen your task to some extent.

4) The embassy will need your original passport as well for stamping of the visa hence you need to make sure you send it across via a good courier service.

5) Each embassy accepts its own currency for payment of the processing fee. Hence, find out about all this, before you initiate the visa process. Pay the required fee without which the application will not be accepted.

6) Once the form reaches the embassy, and is accepted by them, the visa will be granted in the next 5 to 7 working days depending upon the embassy you have chosen.

7) You will also need to send a prepaid envelope to the embassy with your address so that the visa can be send to you. 

8) This visa will let you enter into Vietnam via any preferred route i.e. road, air, or water.

This procedure is quite costly and tough due to involvement of the international postal services and procedures. Hence, you can go ahead and opt for a visa on arrival. This type of visa can be used only for air journeys and is much more reasonable and easier than the embassy visa. We will assist you in getting VOAs in the shortest possible time frame. The entire process is online based with no documentation involved. So simply go for a VOA and make your trip to Vietnam as smooth as it can get.

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