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Embassy of Vietnam in San Marino

- No embassy or consulate of Vietnam in San Marino

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to San Marino : Italy, Austria & Switzerland

- Way to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for eVisa or visa on arrival Vietnam

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in San Marino

Vietnam has been developing diplomatic and economic relations with many countries. These improving relations along with the rich cultural attract a large number of people to Vietnam. To keep a smooth inflow of people the Vietnam Visa Policy has been laid down. Vietnam has entered into reciprocal arrangements for visa exemptions with 17 countries. San Marino is not one of them making it compulsory for San Marino citizens to get a visa to enter Vietnam. There are two routes of obtaining a Vietnam visa, you may approach the embassy or apply for a VOA.

The conventional and major route for getting a visa is with the help of an embassy. However, this route becomes complicated because of the fact that San Marino does not have an embassy. The basic steps are given below:

1) Locate embassies near your country. Understand their procedure by looking at their websites or by contacting them. Select an embassy with the procedure which is most suitable for you. Embassies of different countries have slightly different procedures. It is advisable to understand these before selecting them. Near San Marino, there are Vietnam embassies in Italy, France, Greece, Germany, etc.

2) Even with the slight differences, the overall procedure remains the same. Fill the application form correctly, affix the colored photograph and submit it with all the required documents including the original passport. As it won’t be feasible to visit the embassy and submit documents you should select an embassy which allows submission of forms by post.

3) The postal service plays a very important role in this route for countries like San Marino; hence, it is crucial to select a good international postal service which provides the facility of tracking the deliverables. Make sure that you include a prepaid envelope so that the visa can be sent to you by mail.

4) There is a processing fee to be paid, which depends on the duration of the stay and the type of the visit. You should enquire about the amount to be paid and the currency that is applicable. 

5) Once the application is received it takes about 5-7 days but you will have to consider the time taken up the postal service while planning your journey.

6) On receiving the visa check it for errors and contact the embassy, if any.

7) This visa is applicable to all routes, namely, air, water and land.

There is an alternative to this lengthy and tedious procedure. You may apply for a VOA with the help of agencies like our own. The advantage of the process is that it is entirely online and the fact that you will not have to submit any documents is a cherry on the top. Once you apply the process is completed within 2 days. The majority of the communication with the immigration department is taken care of by us. All you have to do is fill the application form online and pay the processing fee. The only limitation of the process is that it is valid only for airways.

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