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Embassy of Vietnam in Russia

Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, Russia

  • - Address # 13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • - Phone : (70-95) 245 0925 or 247 0212 - Consular:  246 0687
  • - Fax : (70-95) 246 3121 - Consular:  246 6807
  • - Email :
  • - Website :

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Some Information and Procedure to Get Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Russia

All Russian citizens are entitled to 15 days Visa exemption in Vietnam. However, if anyone wishes to stay in Vietnam for a period more than 15 days, then he is required to obtain Visa. Vietnam has an embassy in Russia, which can be approached for Visa application purposes. The embassy officials can guide with step by step procedures for Visa application. There are two ways in which an individual can apply for Visa to Vietnam. The first is by approaching the embassy and the second is by filling up an application online. 

The first method of approaching the embassy is quite easy. Any Russian individual who wishes to travel to Vietnam and stay for a period of more than 15 days can approach the Embassy of Vietnam in Russia. He will be asked to fill up a form in English, enter all personal details, nature and purpose of visit etc. The place of submission and collection of the Visa needs to be entered as Vietnam. Once the form is completely filled, it needs to be submitted along with the original, valid Russian passport, recent passport sized photograph and a self-addressed envelope. The passport that needs to be submit should have six months validity at least and a few spare pages for stamping purposes. 

Besides the forms and documents, an applicant will also have to pay the mandatory Visa fees. These fees can be paid by way of money order or cashier’s cheque in favour of the Embassy of Vietnam. More information about additional fees can be gathered from the embassy officials. The embassy will take at least five working days to process all documents. Once the documents are processed, you will receive the Visa. The advantage of applying for the Visa through the embassy is that you will receive the Visa before you leave for Vietnam. 

However, there are certain drawbacks too. If you are not residing in an area near the embassy, you will have to travel back and forth. This is why more and more people prefer the Visa on Arrival facility. To apply for Visa on Arrival, you will have to get in touch with a travel agent in Vietnam. You will have to fill up an online form with all your details. This form will be then processed and then a letter of approval will be issued. This letter of approval is to be submitted at the Vietnamese airport you arrive in to collect your Visa. 

Along with the letter of approval, you will be asked to pay the Visa stamping fees. While filling up the online form, you will be asked the purpose of your visit. There are three options to choose from – business, tourist and travel. Business visas come with a validity of one month, three months and six months. Tourist visas come with a validity of one month and transit visas come with a validity of less than five days. 

The Visa on Arrival facility is granted only to those travellers who arrive in Vietnam by air. Those who travel by land routes are required to carry their Visa along with their passport. 

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Russia ?

There are embassy and 2 consulate of Vietnam in Russia, please see below information :

Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, Russia

Address # 13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Phone : (70-95) 245 0925 or 247 0212 - Consular:  246 0687

Fax : (70-95) 246 3121 - Consular:  246 6807

Email :

Website :

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Address : 22 Karla Libknesta Street, Ekaterinburg, 620075 - Russia

Tel : 2530280 (81,83,84)

Fax :2530282

Code : 00-7-343

E-mail :

Website :

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Vladivostok, Russia

Address : 107/1, Pushkinskaya Street,Vladivostok - Russia

Telephone:  226948

FAX : 261496 

Code : 00-7-4232

E-mail :



Complete Name: Russian Federation

Native Name: Rossija


Capital: Moskva [Moscow]

Federal Districts : Central'nyj Federal'nyj Okrug [Central], Dal'nevostočnij Federal'nyj Okrug [Far East], Južnyj Federal'nyj Okrug [Southern], Privolžskij Federal'nyj Okrug [Volga], Severo-Kavkazskij Federal'nyj Okrug [Northern Caucasus], Severo-Zapadnyj Federal'nyj Okrug [Northwestern], Sibirskij Federal'nyj Okrug [Sibiria], Ural'skij Federal'nyj Okrug [Ural]

Principal Cities : Moskva [Moscow], Sankt-Peterburg (Leningrad) [Saint Petersburg], Novosibirsk, Jekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) [Yekaterinburg], Nižnij Novgorod (Gor'kij) [Nizhny Novgorod], Samara (Kujbyšev), Omsk, Kazan' [Kazan], Čel'abinsk [Chelyabinsk], Rostov-na-Donu [Rostov-on-Don], Ufa, Volgograd

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