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Embassy of Vietnam in Portugal

- No embassy of Vietnam in Portugal 

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Portugal : Spain, Morocco, France & England

- How to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy ? Apply for getting Vietnam visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Portugal

Portugal citizens need to possess a visa for making trips to the Vietnam. The visa policy has, although, stated several guidelines that allow Portugal citizens to get the benefit of a visa free stay in Vietnam. In order to get information on these exemptions, it is recommended that you get in touch with the embassy. Initiate the process of getting a visa only after you are thorough with the exemption rules.

The major channel for issuing visas to the citizens is the embassy. This official body has the right to issue any kind of visa. Vietnam has established its embassies in around 70 nations but unfortunately, Portugal still does not have its own Vietnam embassy. Hence, the process of visa application for the Portugal citizens is as follows:

1) Since, there is no inland Vietnamese embassy in Portugal; the citizens first will need to locate a Vietnam embassy in one of the neighboring nations. Many countries in the European continent already have Vietnamese embassies. There are Vietnam embassies in Spain, France, Czech, Germany, and Italy etc. Get in touch with the embassies to know about their procedures and approach the one that suits your needs.

2) The closest Vietnam embassy to Portugal is the one in Spain. The embassy is located in the city of Madrid. This embassy works from Monday to Friday between 8: 30 am and 5: 30 pm. The embassy remains closed on the weekends and on all the national holidays celebrated in both the countries.

3) Since it is next to impossible to visit the internationally located embassy in person, the entire process of visa application will take through postal service. Also, check if the embassy accepts online application.

4) The application form can be downloaded from the embassy website. Fill up this form and attach the required documents. Affix a passport size, colored photograph to this application. The embassy will also need your original passport hence, hire a reliable postal service.

5)This application once received by the embassy will be checked for accuracy of the information. Once the visa application is accepted by the embassy, the visa will be processed in the next 5 to 7 working days. You must also send a pre paid envelope with your address to the embassy so that the visa can be shipped to your mailing address.

6) The process for obtaining the visa would be lengthier for you as a substantial amount of time will go in the postal service. Hence, plan your application process accordingly. You can apply for a visa for 6 months in advance.

7) This visa will grant you an entry into Vietnam through any gateway, be it road, water, or airways.

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