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Embassy of Vietnam in Namibia

- No embassy of Vietnam in Namibia

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Namibia : South Africa, Angola & Mozambique

- Way to get Vietnam visa without going to embassy : Apply for getting Vietnam visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Namibia 

One of the most important formalities that you will need to fulfill in order to enter Vietnam is having a validated visa. It is applicable to residents of all the countries except those mentioned in the visa-exemption listing of countries that are allowed to visit Vietnam and stay there for a certain period of time without any visa. The updated exemption list as on 2013 is given as below:

1. The residents of Brunei who have a passport are allowed to stay in Vietnam for 14 days and less from the day they arrive at Vietnam. 

2. Passport holders of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos are permitted to stay in Vietnam for 30 days and less from the day of their arrival. 

3. Passport holders of Philippines can stay for a period of 21 days including the arrival date. 

4. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Russia, and Norway commoners are authorized are exempted from visa with 15 days of stay comprising arrival date. 

5. Chile and France residents who hold a legitimate official diplomatic or passport are free to enter Vietnam without any visa within a period of 90 days and they are allowed to have a number of visits for 6 months comprising of arrival date. 

6. Other than that, those who have a Business Travel Card issued by APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) are excused from visa within a time-period of 60 days counted from the date of arrival. 

Hence, it is clear from the above list that Namibian citizens are required to possess a Vietnam visa for entering the same. There are two basis ways that people generally prefer to apply for getting visa as following:

1. Either they contact an online visa agency for acquiring visa,

2. Or, visit embassy or consulate office of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in their country or in nearest country if the same is not present in their country. 

Citizens of Namibia have no embassy in their country therefore, at first; they must look around for a Vietnam embassy in nearest country to them, which is South Africa. It is 952.7 kms away from Namibia. The process of applying through an embassy is quite time-taking and it will cost a large amount of money also. Apart from that, you will have to travel South Africa for 3 to 4 times. 

Required documents to be submitted at embassy:

1. Your original Namibian passport. 

2. 2 passport sized photos. 

3. Permission from the Vietnam Immigration department. 

4. Duly-filled in application form. 

5. Visa fees.

Here it is noticeable that you will go personally to the embassy and no one else can go on your behalf. 

Processing time: 3 to 5 business days

However, the online mode of applying for Vietnam visa is not that much hectic and chaotic as compared to application through an embassy. There are many leading online agencies offering cost effective, real-time, reliable, secured and customer dedicated services. Besides, if you apply via online medium, you get complete money back guarantee in case of rejection of your application. 

In the event, you have made up your mind to apply at Vietnam embassy:

Address of Vietnam embassy in South Africa:

87, Brooks Road, Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa 

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