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Embassy of Vietnam in Mayotte

- No embassy of Vietnam in Mayotte

- Embassy of Vietnam in Countries Close to Mayotte : Mozambique & Tanzania

- Way to get visa Vietnam without going to embassy : Apply for getting visa on arrival

Some information & procedure to get visa at embassy of Vietnam in Mayotte

Unfortunately, there has been no Vietnam embassy or Consulate opened in Mayotte so far. Please check your neighboring countries to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy/Consulate to contact.

Visa is the far most thing to have when you are going to visit any country especially when that particular country has not mentioned your country in its exemption list. Each and every citizen before applying visa is supposed to check that particular country’s exemption list where he/she desired to travel. A Mahorais citizen needs to get visa in order to enter the boundary of Vietnam. Since in the exemption list made by Vietnam does not carry the name of country Mayotte. Hence it is clear that visa is not free for Mahorais citizens. They have to apply for visa to travel Vietnam.

The procedure of applying Vietnam visa is very simple. There are two ways through which citizens of Mayotte can apply visa. These are as follows-

1. A citizen of Mayotte can visit the Vietnam embassy present in Mayotte. But Mahorais citizens are unfortunate as the embassy is not present in their country. They had to travel its nearby country where the embassy of Vietnam is present. The country Mozambique is closer to Mayotte where the embassy is present. But it is very far i.e. over 1217 km from Mayotte. It will take more time and you will get tired in two to three rounds. Hence it is better to apply online or opt for Visa by post service if it is present at the embassy. Since this service depends on embassy to embassy might be it cannot be available at the county.  

2. Applying online with us is the best and the convenient way to apply visa online. Both air and non air travelers can apply online by filling in the application form and paying the fee right when we give directions to pay. After 1 or 2 days you will get your approval letter. If you are air traveler- presents the letter at the airport of Vietnam to get stamped and visa. If you are a non air traveler visit the embassy to receive your visa.

What fee to pay?

You will have to pay two types of fees. Firstly the service fee and secondly the stamping fee. The service fee you pay at the time of filling in the application form whereas the stamping fee you pay at the time when you present your approval letter before the legal authorities of getting visa.

Given below are the details of the fees that a citizen of Mayotte had to pay when applying for a Vietnam visa.

The service fee for 1 month visa for a single entry is $199.

The stamp fees are as follows-

 1 month visa for a single entry is $45

 Less than 1 month visa for multiple entries is $65

 1 month visa for multiple entries is $95

 3 month visa for a single entry is $45

 3 month visa for multiple entries is $95

If you are travelling to Vietnam for less than five days you have to apply for Transit visa. The fee which you pay for Transit visa is given below-

Service fee- $15

Stamping fee- $5

If you are an air traveler carry your passport having minimum six months validity and passport sized photographs.

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